22 June - 23 July

You may be in love with the idea of a new job rather than what's actually involved in the tasks associated with that position. A new promotion may be offered now but you need to look carefully before accepting. If financial issues are bothering you step away from requesting friends and family to help you with these problems. You need to take responsibility and understand that the solution is in your hands. You could be dispersed now by not having a clear timetable of what you wish to achieve and that is something that you can usefully spend your time on today. You may be contacted by people from your past.


24 July - 23 August

There are indications that you're accessibly ingesting foods or substances that are not agreeable to your particular body type. To get to the bottom of this you need to understand exactly how foods impact upon your physical well-being and to do that you need to be in tune with your body signals. While Jupiter is transiting your second house you may be eating what you believe is the right food which your body is telling you isn't. Keep a food diary and study the results of the diet you are currently on. You'll be surprised at the results. You may be in a race to the professional finish but remember slow and steady wins the race.


24 August - 23 September

The brightening Moon takes place in your third house of intellectual activities now and is a hint, a big one at that, the changes afoot in your mental attitude now. You have the acuity and drive to achieve big things now while the Moon occupies this vital part of your horoscope. You may need to competitively step up your game if you are vying for a position and you must under no circumstances allow yourself to be softened by the flattery of others. Stick to yourself, make sure your game plan is intact and don't be distracted. You also want to research some component of your family to solve a problem domestically.


24 September - 23 October

You can turn chaos into harmony through a little creative thinking today. You have the Moon in your second house, indicating changing principles, possibly a paradigm shift in your whole outlook on finances at present. Travels may be calling you but you have other fish to fry. Those journeys may need to be postponed for a while until you get that disorderly part of your life under complete control. There’s no point travelling if you leave a mess behind because you're simply taking your worrying mind with you. So do the cleanup now and if you're in a relationship, share what's on your mind so that there is no disagreement down the track.


24 October - 22 November

To strengthen the bonds of love between you and your partner there has to be perfect transparency in your finances so that the element of mistrust doesn't rear its ugly head between you. There may be some components of the way you handling your money, your savings, taxes etc. and it's time for you to share this with your other half. Conversely, there may be some mistrust on your part due to the conglomeration of planets in the eighth house, and the signal that your partner may not be completely forthright about where all that money is going. It's possibly time to confront them and let the truth be known.


23 November - 22 December

You want perfect harmony to prevail in your relationships, but that may be difficult if you haven’t yet worked out how to be perfectly harmonious within your own self and this is key for any relationship. A new phase will certainly begin now, but unless both of you remove the undercurrent of aggression and dissatisfaction that may be there, ever so faintly, you'll be hamstrung from taking the relationship to the level that it should be at. Travels or possibly even change in your domestic residence are likely while the Moon and Jupiter transit your 12th house. You may feel out of sorts socially in some situation today.


23 December - 20 January

Health issues, those of your own or others, may be on your mind and predominantly dominate your affairs right now. It appears that you may have been doing too much, trying to please too many people without giving due attention to what's going on within your own physical well-being. Your nervous system may be under pressure and this has been going on for some time without you being quite aware of it. Now that you are receiving a hit from the universe, it's time to step up a gear and do what needs to be done to restore your health and well-being not just for yourself but for the benefit of those who rely upon you.


21 January - 19 February

You can improve your romance by mixing things up a little, by saying no to stale habitual ways of interacting and loving. This requires an adventurous state of mind which takes you out of your usual stomping ground into uncharted territory. You need to stimulate your partner as well as yourself and that means being daring and mustering up enough courage to go where you've never been before. Take a short trip somewhere different, enjoy the company of new people and share the experience with the one you love. Children may be argumentative and demanding so you need to be on top of this today.


20 February - 20 March

Life is full of surprises sometimes, but not always good ones. You must realize that the ups and downs that come with the territory a part of life and you are simply grin and bear it. If you're able to put up with some of the difficulties now you'll find that you'll be amply rewarded in the compensation will be worth the wait. Possibly time to consider either starting a new love affair or revamping the one that you're currently in. Those of you who are studious will gain some benefits through focusing your attention on new information that can help you succeed in your studies. Learning new things interests you now.


21 March - 20 April

You have a need to spread your wings and experience new things, including love. But this requires a whole lot of elimination of things and maybe weighing those wings down. The brightening Moon now in your eighth house of self-transformation house makes you intuitive while being in the company of Jupiter. You need to discover things and your thirst for cultural information is growing. You may be a little too busy to be able to focus on any one single thing at the moment, but that's precisely what you have to do. Distractions are the order of the day while you try to organise your schedules. Mercury opposition to Pluto makes you detective-like in your relationships. You’re on a mission to discover the truth now.


21 April - 21 May

You have a desire for luxury, fine food and sensual pleasures while Venus transits your fourth house. This excessive lifestyle may end up costing you dearly financially if you aren't able to budget and determine prickly discrimination what's worth buying and what's worth waiting for. Romantic escapades and nostalgia may be high on your list as well while this planet is transiting this area of your horoscope. Journeys, for the purpose of connecting with someone are also on the cards now. Friendship may develop into something more. Be cautious with words is advised while four planets transit your second house.


22 May - 21 June

You shouldn't have any problems socializing now while Venus transits your third house of communications in short travels. This gives you ample confidence to go out, mingle and make new friends. You could however be a little aggressive with Mars making you go a little bit further than you ordinarily would. This is useful if you find yourself in the company of hostile people who need a quick dressing down as you will be able to handle them easily. You're also impressionable now so take care to study people before getting too close. Impulse is not what you need if serious relationship is what you're after.

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