Kerry Cavanough presents Auburn-Biron Fire Brigade's first officer Andrew Vicary with new UHF radios.
Kerry Cavanough presents Auburn-Biron Fire Brigade's first officer Andrew Vicary with new UHF radios. Philippe Coquerand

$1000 grant to keep rural fire brigade connected

THE region is in the grip of bushfire season and the Auburn-Biron Fire Brigade is even more prepared than usual to handle the challenges thrown their way.

The brigade recently received a $1000 grant to buy three UHF radios.

Business owners Kevin and Kerry Cavanough thought it was a worthy cause and donated an extra two UHF radios to the fire brigade, bringing the total to five.

"It's a good cause for the rural fire brigade, you never know when you need them so we're happy they can come in handy,” Mr Cavanough said.

"We've had a lot of fires down south where a lot of blokes died, it's definitely a worthy cause.

"We live out in the bush, you never know when you need them, they do it all on their own.”

Auburn-Biron Fire Brigade first officer Andrew Vicary said the radios would help out the team immensely.

"Communication is a key thing when you have an absence of mobile phone coverage in the area,” Mr Vicary said.

"With all those fires last year we were running out and some were giving us trouble and not working, and with the hills, you've got to have them close because you can't pick anything up.”

The UHF radios can provide communications between towns.

"Without going through a repeater they'll travel around 17km,” Mr Cavanough said.

"Through a repeater they can travel quite far, that's through old flag country, in the hilly country it'll cut it right back to around five kilometres.

"It all depends on the terrain but it's much better than mobile phone coverage.”

The Rural Fire Service Queensland is the volunteer fire fighting arm of Queensland Fire and Emergency Services and provides fire management for rural communities across approximately 93 per cent of the state.

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