Abortion to be legal in Queensland if law changes pass

FORMER Labor MP Rob Pyne is attempting to decriminalise abortion in Queensland by having it removed from the Criminal Code.  

Mr Pyne - an independent - will table his private member's bill today.

Abortion has been illegal in Queensland since 1899, however there is a court precedent from 1986 which allows abortions when there is a risk to the mother's life or health.

As it stands women have to sign a document staying they are unable to care for a child in order to get access to the procedure. 

Mr Pyne said abortion should not be a crime in 2016.

"The world is changing very quickly and unfortunately our politicians aren't," he told the ABC.

Opposition Leader Tim Nicholls said the LNP would decide its position once it views the legislation.

"We'll be looking at it and we'll be considering it in the partyroom as we always do with these important issues to Queenslanders."

Abortion laws across Australia vary by state and territory.

It is legal in the Australian Capital Territory.

Victoria, Tasmania, Western Australia and Northern Territory has limitations on how late a pregnancy can be terminated.

The power of the Queensland laws against abortion became a national in April after a pregnant 12-year-old was forced to go through the Supreme Court to seek permission to terminate her pregnancy.

After Justice Duncan McMeekin gave approval, he questioned why abortion remained illegal.



Queensland & New South Wales: Abortion a crime for women and doctors. Legal when doctor believes a woman's physical and/or mental health is in serious danger.  In NSW social, economic and medical factors maybe taken into account.

Australian Capital Territory: Legal, must be provided by medical doctor.

Victoria: Legal to 24 weeks. Legal post-24 weeks with two doctors' approval.

South Australia: Legal if two doctors agree that a woman's physical and/or mental health endangered by pregnancy, or for serious foetal abnormality. Unlawful abortion a crime.

Tasmania: Legal to 16 weeks on request, and after that point with the approval of two doctors.

Western Australia: Legal up to 20 weeks, some restrictions particularly for under 16s. Very restricted after 20 weeks.

Northern Territory: Legal to 14 weeks if 2 doctors agree that woman's physical and/or mental health endangered by pregnancy, or for serious foetal abnormality. Up to 23 weeks in an emergency.

Source: Children by Choice

What you're saying on Facebook:

Danielle Emerson: "Abortion should be legal for woman in the early stages for any choice. However later stage abortion should only be for medical reasons (life or death)."

Leah Zimmerlie: "No friggen way! My son was born at 16 weeks! His heart beated until he was born! He had toenails, fingers nostrils and was born with a smile on his face. He was a person... he may not have been "counted" as a person but he was. The rates of "failed abortions" where children are born still alive and left to cry to death is phenomenal!"

Tanya King: "Abortion at 9 months, no way, why not adopt instead of killing a fully grown baby."

Kate Alex: "Abortion at 9 months is legalised murder. Im all for womens rights but if you have left it that long to decide you dont want the child then you should have your head read."

Nina Lee Coyte: "Women have a right to a safe procedure. Although there should be no questions asked in the first trimester after that it should be for medical reasons only."

Kim Tullio: "No .. there should be a limit ie :10wks , 10wks+ with doctors note (for situations as rape , genetic issues, mothers health).. And no way for a full term or baby that is viable 22wks + .."

Kira Sykes: "This actually made me feel sick! At 9 months gestation the foetus should no longer be considered anything other than a human baby, able to survive outside its mothers womb. I'm not against abortion to an extent, but at 9 months, no, the only word I can come up with is murder. 14 weeks gestation, I can understand and under certain medical circumstances I can understand a late abortion, but 9 months, a big fat no from me."

Rachel Taylor: "I do agree with abortion in the first trimester.. It's the women's body and her choice, but after that it's a child, and should only be aborted for severe medical reasons, if at all. Give the baby up for adoption, there are plenty of wonderful people out there who would love a baby and can't have one."

Carol Vitale: "Oh my gosh no! I'm A firm supporter of abortion but not after 4 months. Surely women can make a decision by then? After 4 months just have the baby and adopt it out. Of course medical reasons excepted."

Madelaina White: "Abortion NEEDS to be legal! It's our bodies and our right! You can't force someone to carry a child to term if it is dangerous, harmful, or just not what they want! Fully supportive of the Victorian framework for it! Fully available up to 24 weeks and require 2 doctors approval after. Too many girls are being forced to travel interstate to go up against the courts to access something they have every right to in a developed nation!"

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