Alarming figures put extra police on duty

AFTER alarming drink and drug driving figures were recorded in the Gayndah area, Queensland Police are set to have a greater presence on our roads, says Sergeant Josh Ryan.

"This operation has seen a very concerning trend with drivers' behaviour," Sgt Ryan said.

"The operation so far has resulted in over 450 RBTs, 70 drug tests and countless hours of traffic enforcement in and around Gayndah."

To date the operation has resulted in 13 drug drivers being detected with nine of them during a 48-hour period.

Three more drink-drivers were caught and a number of traffic infringement notices also issued for speeding, defective vehicles and other traffic related offences.

"It is alarming that Gayndah has such a high detection of drug and drink overs," Sgt Ryan said.

"The fact that people are not only involved in utilising unlawful drugs but to then get behind the wheel is concerning, not just for police but all road users in and around Gayndah."

Anyone who is caught drug or drink driving will immediately have their licence suspended for 24 hours and if caught a second time it will be suspended until a court date.

"The court themselves can impose punishments with terms of imprisonment issued to repeat offenders," Sgt Ryan said.

"I wish to make it very clear to all road users that Gayndah Police will continue high visibility and covert enforcement within the area in conjunction with local and state traffic enforcement officers."

Sgt Ryan said the police presence could be expected to last throughout the year.

"The message to all road users is very clear, if you engage in unlawful behaviour you will be caught," Sgt Ryan said.

"This operation is designed to keep the North Burnett roads safe for all road users.

"I can't stress enough to all road users that a zero tolerance approach to all illegal driving behaviour is critical to ensuring that our roads are safe," Sgt Ryan said.

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