HOPEFUL: Greens candidate for Flynn, Jaiben Baker.
HOPEFUL: Greens candidate for Flynn, Jaiben Baker. Alex Treacy

Anxiety for future drives Greens candidate

YINDI Baker is four and her little sister Dharma around one-and-a-half.

It is because of his two children, the Greens candidate for Flynn said, that he had put his name forward, first for Callide in the 2017 State Election and now for this year's Federal Election.

"I am really, really worried about the future,” Jaiben Baker said in Monto, near where he lives in Cania.

"That is a primary driver.

"We are taking from their future at the moment, how we live, what we do, we're taking from them.”

Mr Baker said it was important for him to stand up for what he believed in.

"In 30 years time, when I'm kicking back on my couch when I'm 70 or 80, and my kids are coming to me and say, 'Hey Dad, what did you do when shit was hitting the fan and there was all this social upheaval and injustices happening?'”

"I can say well, we moved to the bush, we moved back home, grew our veggies, we had a go spreading the word that there is an alternative, a different way,” he said.

"We don't have to keep doing what our parents or grandparents did.”

Mr Baker said if he were to be elected, a key policy he would push for was changing the political donations system, which he described as a "type of corruption.”

"When there's significant amounts of money going to parties via donations, it actually skews the decisions they make,” he said.

He is attracted to the Greens because it is a "grass-roots party”.

"It's been the big end of town that's been getting represented for too long, it's us individuals and small communities that need to be really represented,” Mr Baker said.

"Rural decline, we see it, it's been happening for so long, the guts (are) getting ripped out of these towns, walk down the street and there's five, six closed shops.

"I see that we have to do things ourselves, be the change.

"You whinge about current things going on and current politicians and this and that not working but it's important that we stand up and actually do something about it.”

Mr Baker, currently a stay-at-home Dad, is trained as an environmental scientist and has previously worked in the construction, mining and gas sectors.

Wife Peta works in communications.

The Bakers have lived all over Australia, including Brisbane, Townsville and Gladstone, before returning to Jaiben's hometown of Monto to raise their family.

The Greens received 2.77 per cent of the vote in Flynn at the 2016 Federal Election.

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