Albury jumped a number of fences and ran through neighbouring yards to escape police. File Photo.
Albury jumped a number of fences and ran through neighbouring yards to escape police. File Photo.

Assailant hurdles fences, thrashes on floor to avoid arrest

DESPITE hurdling a number of fences to escape arresting officers, Jalam Wade Albury didn't stick the landing, ultimately touching down in Murgon Magistrates Court.

Albury pleaded guilty to three charges before the court on Tuesday, October 13, including assaulting a police officer, obstructing police, and a fail to appear.

At 8.48am on March 13, police were called to a dwelling in Cherbourg, where they found a number of people, including Albury, who was attempting to attack a fellow partygoer.

According to police prosecutor Barry Stevens, the defendant was challenging another man in attendance to a fight, as others held him back.

"Police attempted to negotiate with the defendant to calm the situation, but the defendant broke free and began the approach the other male he'd been challenging to fight," Sgt Stevens said.

"The officer grabbed the defendant by the arm and attempted to prevent him from having any further altercations. The defendant pulled his arm away from the officer."

"He then turned around and pushed the officer in the chest, causing him to stumble back. The defendant took a fighting stance against the officer, who grabbed hold of the defendant to prevent further assaults."

According to Sgt Stevens, Albury was arrested and taken outside, where he deliberately dropped to ground and refuse to stand up.

"He was thrashing on the ground and his arms were flailing," Sgt Stevens said.

In regards to the fail to appear, Sgt Stevens said police attended Albury's Cherbourg home after he failed to appear in court.

"Police saw him run away from the property, jump over multiple fences, and before being apprehended, ran through yards that were doors down."

"Police eventually convinced him to stop running and he complied."

When asked why he'd failed to appear before court, Albury said he'd been in Brisbane, returning briefly for a funeral.

Defence lawyer Bonnie Djordjevic said she'd been advised the 22-year-old had been "stuck" in Brisbane, resulting in the fail to appear charge, and that he cannot remember the events leading up to the assault and obstruct charges, however he is "embarrassed" by his actions.

Magistrate Andrew Sinclair said "most worryingly, you have four offences for similar behaviour over the past few years".

"It seems you drink too much too often. I accept that you're embarrassed by this and you cannot remember, but the long-term solution to your problems is to not consume so much alcohol."

Albury was fined $500 for all three charges, which was referred to SPER.

Convictions are recorded.

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