Assault case heard in court

FORMER North Burnett resident Katherine May Guiney pleaded guilty in the Gayndah Magistrates Court to glassing a woman in December 2016.

Guiney was charged with one count of unlawful assault occasioning bodily harm whilst armed.

The incident was caught on CCTV at an Eidsvold establishment where the victim and defendant were both out socialising.

The footage was obtained in February this year.

Police prosecutor Sergeant Wayne Bushell said Guiney arrived at the licensed premises around 7.30pm with her family.

The victim was already there.

"The defendant and her family attended the location to have a meal," Sgt Bushell said.

"The defendant ordered a drink and sat down with her family before going outside for a cigarette.

"While outside the defendant and victim began to have a verbal altercation over mental health statements made about the victim."

The victim approached Guiney from across the outside smoking area and continued the altercation.

Guiney's defence argued that the victim had started the physical altercation by pushing Guiney first, causing her to feel backed into a corner.

"It then appears the defendant pushes or punches the victim while holding a glass," Sgt Bushell said.

"This caused the glass to shatter and large pieces of broken glass were embedded into the facial area of the victim, causing lacerations and bleeding."

Guiney's defence argued that Guiney was physically provoked first and acted in self-defence.

Magistrate Hackett said the severity of glassing someone could not be understated.

"With an offence of this sort I will not accept just a fine," Mr Hackett said.

"It's an offence that needs to be deterred and has a disturbing reoccurring pattern in society."

Defence lawyer Samantha Reid argued a conviction for a violent crime could hinder Guiney's future employment as a personal trainer in Essendon, Victoria.

Mr Hackett accepted the defence against recording a conviction and gave Guiney a 12-month probation, with no conviction recorded.

Guiney has no previous history of violent offences.

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