LOOKING GOOD: It is important to look your best at the races.
LOOKING GOOD: It is important to look your best at the races. Felicity Ripper

Back a winner in fashion stakes

THE races are a day when you have the opportunity to go all out with your outfit in an effort to stand out from the crowd.

How do you achieve this while still sticking to the norms of race day fashion.

Lucky for you, we have compiled a list of how to dress for the races.


Headpiece: Your headpiece should bring your whole outfit together, it is a fashion essential for race day.

Make-up: Go for a natural look, or if you would like to venture out with colour, bright lips are often the way to go.

Clutch or handbag: This should be an elegant extension of your outfit, it should also be big enough to hold all of your race-day essentials.

Shoes: For comfort, opt for a wedge, or try stilettos if you are brave. Your shoes should be clean and if new, make sure they are broken in before the big day.

Hair: A classic chignon or a low ponytail when wearing a larger headpiece will allow for the hat to be showcased without competing with the rest of your outfit.

Jewellery: Finishing touches can heighten your style. You should opt for a statement piece or something more classic that never dates.

The Dress: Celebrate racing with prints, patterns, florals and colour or pick a dress that suits this year's theme of Fashions Through Time.

Dress length: Keep your dress length classy, you should think conservatively, a little bit formal and lady-like.


Fashion do's

Get the right fit on your suit: Make sure that your suit fits perfectly.

So fresh and so clean: Start your day off clean and well groomed.

Accessorise: Keep your accessories simple and subdued but don't be afraid to add a little flair with items like patterned pocket squares.

Shoe game strong: This is the perfect occasion to bust out your fancy shoes, just make sure they are clean.

Relax: No matter what you are wearing it is important to have a good time.

Fashion dont's

Sport sunglasses: Remember that you are here to watch horse racing, not compete in sport. Leave the sport sunnies at home.

Ill-fitting suits: Don't show up to the races in a suit that is miles too big.

Shoe crimes: Don't wear dirty shoes to the races, and sneakers are a big no-no on the day.

Satin: Always opt for real silk instead.

Novelty attire: Just because you may love The Simpsons doesn't mean that you should wear Homer around your neck.

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