Biggenden breeds great dads

BIGGENDEN must have some amazing fathers, because for the second year it has bagged the Sunshine Coast and Wide Bay Regional winner in the Father of the Year awards.

Dairy farmer and father to six Robbie Radel was presented with his award at the Biggenden State School's Friday assembly by Scripture Union's Adam Hardie.

Mr Radel said it was a great honour and a surprise.

"Actually I laughed a bit when I was told I had been nominated," he said.

"I don't believe I am anything special."

He said he was a proud father.

"Without my wife Michelle, I wouldn't be what I am today," he said.

"She is the best thing in my life and the driving force behind me."

To other parents, Mr Radel said no matter how bad or tough your day was, take the time to tell your children you love them.

"The last thing my children hear before they close their eyes is 'Goodnight, I love you!'. Children also deserve respect," Mr Radel said.

"They need our help and guidance to become good citizens."

Thanking Scripture Union for recognising fathers and the hard work they did in the community, Mr Radel said he was truly honoured and humbled with the award.

Mr Radel said he had mixed emotions on the day.

"I was very proud to receive this award," he said.

"But it would have been extra special if my great mate Mark was still here to enjoy a drink to celebrate his birthday today and this award."

Mark Elliott died following a campdraft incident. At his funeral, Robbie said Mark was the type of person that fathers wanted their sons to grow up like and daughters to marry. Mr Radel was nominated by last year's winner and friend Darren Geissler.

In his nomination, Mr Geissler said Robbie was rarely seen without his wife Michelle and children by his side and is a respected community member.

"He is always willing to lend a helping hand," he said.

"In addition to managing his dairy business and spending quality time with his children, he always makes time to help at community events, cooking a steak on the barbecue, serving behind the bar or selling raffle tickets."

Mr Radel has maintained the family farm despite declines in milk prices, long droughts and three floods which resulted in heavy damage to his property.

In the worst of these three floods, the milking machine was destroyed by one-and-a-half metres of water that swept through his milking shed, covering everything with mud.

His commitment to his family and community has never faltered.

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