Bob Katter visiting Mackay.
Bob Katter visiting Mackay. Tony Martin

Bob Katter: 'More crocodiles will head south to Mackay'

ENIGMATIC MP Bob Katter has questioned why any tourist would want to come to North Queensland if they were fully educated about crocodiles.

He made the comments after being contacted by The Daily Mercury yesterday in the wake of a croc prompting the closure of Mackay Harbour Beach.

It was the second time in three months the sighting of a large crocodile had closed the beach.

Reflecting on an encounter with a journalist during a spate of crocodile sightings in Cairns, Mr Katter said he had been asked whether better education was needed, particularly among tourists.

His response was: "Lady, if you properly educate the tourists, we won't have any...".

"They come here to see the Barrier Reef - which is water.

"They come here to see our beautiful waterfalls and jungles - which is water.

"They come here to enjoy our magnificent beaches - which is water.

"(and if) you're not allowed to go near the water what in world's name would you come to North Queensland for."

He said as numbers continued to explode and with crocodiles, filling the rivers territorially, naturally, they would continue heading south to areas around Mackay.

"A female crocodile will lay 60 eggs a year; now you imagine if every woman in Mackay had 60 babies a year.

"They have to get a feed," he explained.

He maintained his position on culling, while also saying the major parties "just don't care" about the issue.

"We moved on the floor of parliament that action be taken on the crocodiles and we did not get a single vote from a single ALP member or a single LNP member," he said.

Mr Katter said he would again propose the legislation in 2018.

"In North Queensland the crocodiles are made safe, and they've advised us, that the people must be removed. Well that's fine, but we're not moving.

"But I plead with North Queenslanders, that Brisbane doesn't care how many of you are eaten alive.

"They don't care."

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