Boxer snaps after opponent plants kiss


A FEMALE boxer stunned her opponent by kissing her on the lips as they faced off before a fight - and got a slap for her troubles.

Most pre-fight face offs are tense places where those on the stage need to be on high alert in case the fists start flying. This incident was a little different.

Far from this being a raunchy display at some amateur bout, the incident occurred between Ewa Brodnicka and Edith Soledad Matthysse in the face off before their WBO world title fight.

The controversial weigh-in saw the champ Brodnicka plant the kiss, smiling as she pulled away in an attempt to wind up her challenger.

It worked a little too well as Matthysse instantly delivered a slap on the scantily clad Brodnicka's cheek.

It was a retaliation she evidently didn't expect as a scuffle broke out between the pair and further hits were thrown before they were separated.

The promoter in charge was forced to intervene having initially burst into laughter at the sight of the kiss.

And a tense glare across the stage took place as the fighters sized each other up and exchanged pleasantries.

Matthysse, 39, holds a record of 16 wins and 10 defeats before Saturday's battle.

Boxing is in her blood with brothers Walter and Lucas also professionals, the latter earning a bout with Manny Pacquiao last year that the Filipino legend won by technical knockout.

In the other corner is the undefeated Brodnicka, who has come out on top in five WBO title fights - most recently versus Mexico's Janeth Perez in May.

With all her fights taking place in Poland, she boasts 17 wins from 17 contests.

Brodnicka weighed in for the fight as the slightly heavier competitor, weighing in at 9 stone 3 pounds to Matthysse's 9st1lb.

The kiss got under the skin of Matthysse enough for Brodnicka to emerge victorious and retain her Super featherweight belt in a split point decision.

This article originally appeared on The Sun and was reproduced with permission.

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