NO THANKS: Hungry Jacks at Brassall had their request to operate 24/7 rejected by Ipswich City Council.
NO THANKS: Hungry Jacks at Brassall had their request to operate 24/7 rejected by Ipswich City Council. Rob Williams

'A big win': Hungry Jack's trading request rejected

THE DECISION by Ipswich City Council to reject Hungry Jack's request to open 24/7 at their Brassall outlet has been hailed by Cr Cheryl Bromage as a big win for the community.

Cr Bromage said it was "great to get an outcome that the community wanted" after the full council voted against Hungry Jack's request for what is known as a material change of use for its Pine Mountain Rd, Brassall outlet.

The conditions attached to the original development application (DA) in November, 2015 said Hungry Jack's "must only conduct work or business from the premises between the hours of 6am to midnight Monday to Friday and midnight to midnight (24 hours) Saturday and Sunday".

"They wanted to go midnight to midnight seven days, so 24 hours, but we have refused that and we want them to stay at the current hours they have now," Cr Bromage said.

"We've had ongoing issues with Hungry Jack's with people using residents' driveways to turn around to access it because it is a left (turn) in and left out.

"The lights from vehicles have been shining into people's bedrooms at night when they are trying to get to sleep.

"I don't want that to happen. I have listened to what the people want.

"We've had a lot of concerns from residents who live around this because it is right in a residential area."

The technical reason for the council's refusal was that Hungry Jack's proposal did not comply with the overall outcomes for the Local and Retail Commercial Zone and was not consistent with Section 12.7.3 of the Commercial and Industrial Code.

In a nutshell, the proposed extension to trading hours would have detrimentally impacted residents in a variety of ways and caused a nuisance and disturbance to those residents.

Cr Bromage, who voted against the original development application of Hungry Jack's, said she had always had a concern with the location of the fast food outlet

"Under the Planning Act we couldn't refuse it because it is in a commercial zone," she said.

"People will remember that it used to be a butcher's shop. It met the planning code to have a business replace a business.

"But it has residential area all around it. The road layout, and how close it is to two major schools, are major issues.

"The road out the front is a (state government) road and it would have been good for Main Roads to get Hungry Jack's to construct a roundabout on the corner of Fernvale Rd and Pine Mountain Rd which may have alleviated some of the turning around in people's driveways."

Cr Bromage got up in the council meeting today and thanked her colleagues for supporting her in refusing Hungry Jack's application for extended trading hours.

Cr Andrew Antoniolli, the city's planning boss, thanked Cr Bromage for her campaign.

"This is why you elect local councillors, to represent community concerns," he said.

"In particular, the divisional councillor (Cheryl Bromage) has raised a number of concerns relating to this particular operation.

"She has obviously sided with the community and she has presented some compelling arguments which, as a council, we have all supported."

The original conditions the council placed on Hungry Jack's said the fast food outlet "must ensure service vehicles (including refuse collection or delivery vehicles) only access or operate on the site between the hours of Monday to Saturday 7am to 6pm".

Those conditions also remain in place.

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