Sunday morning riders gathering.
Sunday morning riders gathering. Contributed

Cattle drive keeps rural tradition going strong

MATESHIP and camaraderie were the main agenda on the Monto Cattle Drive and Trail Ride.

On Saturday morning, 42 riders set out from Roths Yards on a trail to deliver 80 head of cattle to a winter paddock.

Organiser Michele Goody said the drive gives people the chance to get out of their comfort zone and come and socialise.

"You get all walks of life, including people who don't get to the kind of thing that I see as a regular event,” Mrs Goody said.

"It was a wonderful weekend enjoyed by riders and volunteers alike.”

The turnout had a good mix of local riders and people from outside Monto and the North Burnett, which has only grown since the cattle drive started.

It began in 2005 as an annual event to raise money for the Monto Show Society.

Barry Mundt helped get the idea off the ground.

"We decided we needed something different to raise money, a few guys got talking and we came up with the cattle drive,” Mr Mundt said.

"In the olden days, there was no transport so you'd start off on a property with 50 head, you'd go to your neighbour and pick up 50 more and so on, and take them to the sale.”

People who come along to the drive get to learn useful experience driving cattle through the bush.

Paul Knight from Mungungo had his first cattle drive this year.

"I know everyone that's here, they've been egging me on to do it and the kids were too so I just came out,” Mr Knight said.

"A few of us have done cattle work so we kept the cattle together while the ones that don't know it just came for a ride.”

"I do it every day, so this was just an outing with the kids.”

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