Avocado with a side of poo? Uproar over cafe nappy change

A MOTHER has written a scathing review of a Brisbane coffee shop, claiming she was "treated very poorly" for changing her baby's nappy at the table.

The woman, identified as Stephanie Plahn, gave the Green Grass Home & Body and The Park Bench Espresso Bar in Bulimba a one star review on Google and said: "Their coffee is near perfection. That's where the positive review ends."

Would you want to eat your meal as a mother changes a dirty nappy?
Would you want to eat your meal as a mother changes a dirty nappy?

She said after having a coffee and feeding her 12-week-old baby, her daughter had a dirty nappy.

"So naturally I go to change it," she said, opting to put a change mat down on the table.

Ms Plahn said with "no public restrooms in sight albeit with a change table" this was the only solution.

"This woman passed by me, came to clear my table while I'm still sitting there, picked up my coffee to throw it out which was still half full then put it down after I told her I wasn't through yet.

"She gives me a dirty look makes some comment as she walks by."

In the review, Ms Plahn said she approached the woman as she left and asked if "she had a problem with my baby and I sitting there".

"She said in quite a critical tone, that she didn't think it was appropriate to change my baby there. Mind you this is an outside very casual cafe."

Are there limits to having a baby at a cafe?
Are there limits to having a baby at a cafe?

The cafe's owner then responded to the review.

Thought to be Jocelyn Ridgway, the owner thanks Stephanie for her feedback before saying:

"I don't think there is much more to say other than in the same way you don't expect to have to feed your baby in a toilet, I don't expect people to eat while a nappy is being changed."

In her review, Ms Plahn called for "this woman" and two other customers, who apparently made comments regarding the nappy change, to stop judging.

"Mothers don't need your judgement or criticism. We have enough pressure and stress we deal with on a daily basis."

The owner responded:

"Whilst you invite me to see this from a 'mothers point of view' (which I already do and still would never subject people around me to baby poo) I invite you to see it from my point of view as a woman in business with customers walking out and upset."

Ms Plahn said mothers rarely get the opportunity to get out and have a coffee, a comment the cafe owner "wholeheartedly" agreed with, saying she made sacrifices and works "long hard hours to support myself".

"God knows I'd love to have two hours to sit and have a lovely coffee like you did the other day," the cafe owner said. 

In wrapping up her review, Ms Plahn said: "I am sorry (not sorry) you are so terribly offended by a tiny baby's tiny little dirty nappy that you think it necessary to criticise."

She then called for the cafe owner to "stop contributing to the hate and pile of criticism this world and especially mothers do not need from you!"

"Instead, why not trying a smile, a word of encouragement, trying on a new perspective from a mothers point of view and the sacrifices she makes every day.

"Let her have her coffee in peace please without adding to her stress. It's time women and mothers UNITE and support one another in the continually challenging pressures of doing life as a mother in this modern day society."

To which the cafe owner responded: "I leave you with this...how many times have you seen a small business person busting their gut to make a living and think, you know, I'm going to give them a smile and a little encouragement rather than ignore how uncomfortable I am making them and the people around me feel. It goes two ways."

And so far, all of the responses on the review agree with the cafe owner.

"Use a toilet, woman! You had every right to be told off and feel unwelcomed. Kudos to the management reply," one wrote wrote.

"I applauded this café owner for saying no to a mother changing a nappy twice at her table!" wrote Sharna Allen.

"Thank goodness the Cafe owner is more concerned with the comfort of the majority of its patrons rather than pandering to the selfishness of a mother who for some reason seems to think its alright to change nappies in a premises serving food," Peter Cunneen wrote. 

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