CHANNEL 7 has removed a Facebook poll asking commenters to vote on whether Yassmin Abdel-Magied should leave the country or "face her critics".

The poll, posted on the 7 News Australia Facebook page, was slammed by followers and commentators for inciting racist discussion and bullying, and Ms Abdel-Magied herself said it invited "prejudice and discrimination".

After being questioned by, the station removed the poll and admitted it "should never have been posted".

The Facebook post published Tuesday asked followers to comment on Ms Magied's decision to leave Australia. The controversial television presenter and commentator recently announced she was moving to London after being "traumatised" over facing what she described as "deeply racist" criticism.

The engineer-turned-media personality has been constantly criticised since posting an insensitive comment on Anzac Day which she removed from her page.

Seven's post shared the news that Ms Abdel-Magied had announced she was leaving Australia and posed the question: "Do you support her decision to move to London or do you think she should stay and face her critics?"

The now-deleted 7 News post.
The now-deleted 7 News post.

The post attracted more than 1600 comments and 17,500 votes, according to Facebook.

In an update published overnight 15 per cent of respondents had voted "no" and 85 per cent has voted "yes".

While many respondents were critical of Ms Abdel-Magied, an outspoken Muslim who has defended her religion publicly, a lot of commenters hit Seven with accusations of "bullying" over the decision to publish it and invite "racist" and "vitriolic" discussion".

"You need a third option "this shouldn't even be polled," Laura Jane wrote.

"This is awful. Why would you think it was acceptable to poll people on Yassmin's decision to move to London? Particularly in light of the relentless racist vitriol that she's copped that 7 News Australia is contributing to," Sophie Trevitt wrote.

"As a media outlet, you don't think you have any ethical and professional responsibilities? Check out the comments below."

Liam O'Reilly wrote: "FFS 7 news stop perpetuating hate for clicks!

Yassmin  Abdel - Magied.Photo: Simon Hewson
Yassmin Abdel - Magied.Photo: Simon Hewson Simon Hewson

In an email to, Ms Abdel-Magied said she considered the post a poor publishing decision.

"This is more a reflection of Channel 7's poor editorial decision-making than anything else," she said.

"The outlet's profiling of me in this way invites prejudice and discrimination. It's pretty trashy click-bait."

A spokeswoman for Channel 7 told the situation was being investigated.

"The poll have been removed. It should never have been posted and we are reviewing how that occurred."

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