CHRISTMAS CHEER: Kauri Latza has spent more than 3.5 weeks decorating her Mundubbera home ready for Christmas.
CHRISTMAS CHEER: Kauri Latza has spent more than 3.5 weeks decorating her Mundubbera home ready for Christmas. Philippe Coquerand

Christmas lights shine across the Burnett

IT'S beginning to look a lot like Christmas at Kauri Latza's home, which is covered in more than 19 kilometres of lights.

For Mrs Latza it is special time, and she says it's the one time every year she gets to decorate the house.

"This year I started a bit earlier so I could get it done in time because last year I rushed around for a whole week and a half, this year I wanted it done for the start of December so it took 3 and a half weeks,” she said.

Every year Mrs Latza changes up a few things.

"I've added more lights this year, I get them just after Christmas time and store them away, I have my own cupboard where I store the lights,” she said.

"By the time you get your leads, your power boards and and double adaptors it all adds up.”

Mrs Latza said seeing houses decorated with lights means Christmas was alive, and it was an exciting time for the kids themselves.

"It's not just my house, it's seeing the lights up in general because it's that one time a year where people can deck the house out, light it up, put stuff up and you can go around and enjoy it,” she said.

"I know as a kid myself, my mum and dad would drive me around to see the lights and it was so magical because it was like 'wow look at all the lights up.

"As I've gotten older and being able to do it myself you see your own kids react to the lights and it's just exciting.

"You don't do it for your own benefit, you do it to make everyone else enjoy it.”

This year the Latza family installed lights in November, but they only turned them on this month.

"A huge thank you to everyone who helped out with the lights, it wouldn't be possible without your support,” she said.

Everyone is welcome to see the lights at 5 Ryan Avenue, Mundubbera.

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