CRACKER SHOT: President Graham Carlyon about to hit the ball in the last ever 18-hole competition for 2017.
CRACKER SHOT: President Graham Carlyon about to hit the ball in the last ever 18-hole competition for 2017. Philippe Coquerand

Club reverts to 9-hole comp

GOLF: The Mundubbera Golf Club held its last 18-hole competition for the year with the course reverting back to nine-holes until early February 2018.

After playing three holes the clouds opened up providing more relief. Golfers were almost going to end the game but persevered until the very last hole.

President Graham Carlyon said he was almost going to call it off but decided it wasn't worth it.

"It's great to see it rain, we've received a bit over the last month which has helped improve the course,” Carlyon said.

Carlyon believes the golf season has been quite successful.

"Considering last year, we're a long way in front than we were last year,” he said.

"We really dug ourselves out of a hole.”

The club held its AGM on Tuesday night where Lois Mesner was appointed both the president and secretary of the club for 2018.

The vice president is David Zipf.

The match committee was elected with Peter Hunsley being captain, Lorraine Lindenmayer and Christine Vicary elected as vice captain.

Bar Provador is Ian Maskovich and House provador is Jenny Lohse.

The Treasurer of the club will remain the same with Gayle Bennett accepting the position.

Carlyon said it would have to be the quickest AGM they've had in history.

"It would have to be the shortest AGM ever at the club, I've been with the committee for 50 years and I've sat on that committee for 40 of those 50 years and I've never known an annual meeting go for 45 minutes,” he said.

"You've elected all your office bearers and you've gone through all the business and gone home.”

Carlyon said the Imperial Challenge held earlier this year would be one of the highlights for the club this season.

"The Imperial Challenge would have to be the top of the tree, the rest of it has just been an ordinary year, we've gone through our competitions and various games, it's not much different to what we go through every year,” he said.

The Club is looking forward to getting the solar panels installed next month.

"That's going to make a hell of a difference to the club, everybody in the country is getting flogged to death with power prices so it will help reduce the cost,” he said.

"Even if just cuts your bill in half, we're looking at probably $1000 dollars a month now, well you drop that down to $500, that's $6000 you have in your pocket at the end of the year, it's a big difference.”

The new greens have also been a big talking point at the club this year and Carlyon reassured members they'll be ready by opening day in 2018.

"We won't touch them until we start playing again,” Carlyon said.

As the out-going president for 2017, Carlyon parted some wise words of advice for the new committee.

"Put a fishing rod in the cardboard and wait for two years then you'll be able to use it,” he said.

Sunday's competition will now be 9-holes til the Mundubbera club resumes in early 2018.

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