Woman tried to move to SA after alleged hit-and-run: court

AN INQUEST has heard that a Gatton woman, who police believe purposely ran over a cyclist on the Warrego Hwy, tried to move to Adelaide around the time police questioned her about the incident.

A coronial inquiry is being held into the death of Chinese national Shui Ki Chan, who was riding a bicycle on the Warrego Hwy near Gatton in August 2012 when he was struck by a car.

The injuries from the crash did not kill him; he died from being left in a ditch overnight exposed to the elements.

Police believe Gatton woman Joanne Marie McCauley, who has previously lived at Toowoomba and Rockhampton, ran Mr Chan over and told people she had done it.

But she claims she told people this false story because she wanted to scare a man she had heard was a rapist.

The inquest is into its second week and on Tuesday one of Ms McCauley's friends from that time said Ms McCauley told him that she wanted to move to Adelaide.

"She didn't want to be charged for the hit and run," he told the court.

The friend also said he had heard Ms McCauley speaking on the phone with one of her former partners, saying she was going to get in trouble for the hit and run and wanted to go to Adelaide.

The friend told the court she had asked him to drive her and he noticed that she had packed bags ready to leave.

When police attended Ms McCauley's house to question her, they noticed the packed bags and asked her about them, the court heard. She told them she had just moved in and had not unpacked yet.

The inquest is set to continue for the rest of the week.

It is also expected to be adjourned on Friday to continue next month. - ARM NEWSDESK

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