HAVING lost someone close in a road crash, I know a little of the gut wrenching despair of seeing a life taken in terrible circumstances.

But nothing can truly prepare you for coming across an accident scene and seeing the fight by bystanders and paramedics to save a human life.

After spending the day at the Fraser Coast Chronicle office, I decided to take a walk in the afternoon around the harbour and check out some of the beautiful boats.

Returning back along Torquay Terrace to my son's new Hervey Bay home, I was confronted by the scene of two ambulances parked in the middle of the road.

Paramedics were desperately trying to revive a cyclist who had apparently collided with a parked four wheel drive.

With police not on the scene, one woman was desperately trying to slow cars down and stop traffic.

I offered to help, taking over one end of the road.

It quickly became clear that with the sun in their eyes, some motorists could barely see me as I tried to wave them down to stop.

After a few minutes police arrived on the scene and took over.

The woman helping out then joined with other residents to provide a shield and shade for the 78-year-old cyclist as paramedics continued to work hard to revive him.

Despite their valiant efforts, there was nothing that could be done.

But watching as locals provided cover for them as they worked, I couldn't help think what a great community this is.

Neighbours and strangers working together to provide a man dignity in his final moments.

The terrible scene also reminded me of the need for all of us to take more care when driving around cyclists.

While it is appears it is unlikely any driver contributed to this cyclist's death, the reality is too often we all drive too fast, without proper care and attention.

A cyclist has next to no protection against the force of any impact.

It's a sobering reminder to us all, that we should give them more respect on the roads.

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