IT MAY be his TV program, but Hughesy's wife totally stole the show.

The comedian's partner of 15 years was a guest on Hughesy, We Have A Problem, and was brought on stage to discuss a problem they have with their marriage.

As Hughesy explained at the start of the program, "foreplay has become a little bit not as romantic as it should be and I'm blaming her".

He recalled a recent night where he and his wife were nude in bed after he had performed what he thought was foreplay.

"She looked me up and down and I thought she was perusing how sexy I was," Hughesy said.

"She had a look in her eye and I thought, 'she wants me so much, she can't handle it.' And she looked at me and said, 'have you put the bins out?'"

Pointing to his body, Hughesy said, "you cannot look this up and down and be reminded of a task that you don't particularly like doing that is a bit stinky!"

Later in the show he again raised the issue and was asked by panellists Judith Lucy, Jo Stanley, Peter Berner and Rhys Nicholson what his idea of foreplay is.

"Generally it's a hold of the hand and then I start circling the palm of her hand with my finger like I'm trying to unlock a safe," the comedian said.


When Hughesy's wife, Holly, came out on stage, she immediately vented about how her famous husband tries to initiate things in the bedroom before they've had a chance to chat.

"We don't get to spend a lot of time together because you work a lot," she said to him.

"I'm still debriefing and you're trying to start the thigh rub or the hand holding and I'm like, 'I've still got things to tell you'."

The married couple went back and forth discussing the issue before Holly stunned Hughesy with a zinger that had the audience and fellow panellists in stitches.

Hughesy was telling the panellists about another time when their "special time" was ruined "halfway through" because his wife recalled a funny news story she'd seen earlier that day and started laughing.

That's when Holly interrupted and brought the house down with her comeback.

"We weren't halfway there! Number one, women are very good at multi-tasking and number two, I think you often have this idea that things have started when I'm not aware that they have!"


Hughesy, We Have A Problem continues on Channel 10 next Tuesday at 8.30pm

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