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'Dicing with death': RACQ implores people to know their limits

QUEENSLAND'S peak motoring body has warned people to plan ahead and know their limits this Australia Day, after an alarming number of motorists admitted to drink driving.

RACQ's Lauren Ritchie said figures revealed 13.7 per cent of members surveyed had driven while they believed they were over the alcohol limit for their licence type.

"Of those who admitted to driving after drinking, 73.5 per cent claimed they'd gotten behind the wheel because they felt capable to do so," Ms Ritchie said.

"That's despite more than 94 per cent of respondents agreeing drivers who consumed alcohol presented a significant threat to road users.

"It's shocking to see so many motorists choosing to drive when they know they're over the limit. They're dicing with death and endangering the lives of not only themselves but other road users as well."

Ms Ritchie said RACQ figures showed almost half of those who admitted to drink driving, also admitted to taking a different route home to avoid being breathalysed.

"It's bad enough these drivers are knowingly breaking the law, but to try and actively evade police is even more outrageous," she said.

"We know drink driving contributed to one in five fatalities on our roads last year, so to see drivers doing the wrong thing and then attempting to pull the wool over the eyes of law enforcement is unacceptable.

"The advice couldn't be simpler - if you're going to have a few drinks on Australia Day, plan ahead and leave the car at home."

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