DIVISION FIVE CANDIDATE: Callan, Felicia, David Rofe (Candidate), Alaynah, Leanne and Karyssa. Picture: Contributed.
DIVISION FIVE CANDIDATE: Callan, Felicia, David Rofe (Candidate), Alaynah, Leanne and Karyssa. Picture: Contributed.

DIVISION 5 CANDIDATE: Former copper to run

A FORMER copper and rural firefighter has announced his intentions for council in division five for the upcoming March elections.

Mt Perry resident David Rofe has called the town his home since 2007, and now wants to represent his new-found community.

After serving as the officer-in-charge for nearly a decade, Mr Rofe retired in the small country community for good.

He has since immersed himself in the division, serving as group leader of Mt Perry’s SES unit, the secretary of the RSL sub-branch, and as a rural firefighter.

“I’ve always been interested in Mt Perry’s progress since I moved here and started as a policeman,” Mr Rofe said.

“I’ve loved the community and the location, and see the potential for it to grow.”

Originally from the gold mining town of Forsayth in Far North Queensland, he moved his family to Mt Perry after accepting the OIC role.

He’s been able to raise his kids in the country atmosphere, with all four of his children attending the schools in and around the township.

Upon his arrival, he saw the advantages of living in one of the North Burnett’s smallest communities.

“I liked the location in the hinterland, nestled in a valley, and it’s virtually crime free, and pro-police.

“I found that everyone was quite friendly towards me, and I didn’t receive the treatment you would usually receive perhaps in the cities as a policeman.”

For Mr Rofe, he has a set list of objectives he’d like to achieve during his term if he was elected to lead division five.

“I’d like to lobby the council to encourage the state government to restore the water levels in Paradise Dam.

“I’d also like to finalise the sealing of the Mt Perry-Gayndah Rd and Monto-Mt Perry Rd too.”

Mr Rofe believes the state of the roads are limiting the tourist traffic in the area, and not assisting in transport for the Mt Perry mine.

Sustainable economic growth, upgraded SES and fire brigade facilities, and increased business services are also important issues he would like to address.

“I want to make sure what we have now is enhanced, and not taken away from us.

“Promoting further economic businesses and interests in the area is important, rather than people sourcing business services from outside the region.

“I’d like to see our community grow, and not lose trade and talents that we have here at the moment.”

The stunted economic growth can be attributed to the low number of businesses premises in the town, according to Mr Rofe.

He also believes the low visitor numbers at Mingo Crossing due to lowered dam levels have rendered the new glamping infrastructure as a “white elephant”.

“It’s going to be virtually not used since the levels have dropped.

“It’s pretty sad.”

Overall, Mr Rofe wants to assure the community that he will represent all of them, being their representative at council.

“I’ve served the community all my life, from when I joined the Salvation Army when I was younger, to joining the police service for 31 years.

“I’ve always tried to exhibit myself as a standout member of the community.”

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