The Mistral Thermocooker will be on sale at $299. Image: ALDI / Supplied
The Mistral Thermocooker will be on sale at $299. Image: ALDI / Supplied

Drop everything: ALDI is selling a Thermomix dupe

If you're one of those people who have their eye on a Thermomix but the hefty price tag has always put you off, ALDI has come to your rescue.

Our fave German supermarket is releasing a thermocooker that shoppers claim does the same job as the expensive Thermomix - and it will be retailing at less than a quarter of the price!

The Mistral Thermo Cooker will retail at just $299 - and if you've got something planned on September 7th, you might want to consider cancelling, because the home appliance will be in stores that Saturday.

"We are excited to offer the Mistral Thermo Cooker as part of our Smart Kitchen range," an ALDI spokesperson told Kidspot.

"The Thermo Cooker is the ultimate multi-tasker with eight appliances in one which blends, stews, kneads, fries and more. Featuring a 2L stainless steel bowl and 1000W of heating power you can createendless recipes, from casseroles and fresh dough to desserts and iced drinks. At just $299, the Thermo Cooker is the perfect addition to any home cook looking for practicality."

But wait… there's more. If you're a fan of air fry cooking, you might also want to know that there will also be an Air Fryer on sale for just $149. Yep, your partner is going to kill us for delivering this information to you! LOL

If you want to know a little more about the Thermomix, we have you covered. And why you might want to consider an air fryer too.

History shows us you all love a cult buy - the nursery rocking chair, wooden toys, and robot vacuum have taught us that lesson, so it comes as no surprise that shoppers are already sniffing out the Thermocooker online.

One shopper was eager to share the news the cooker on Facebook, claiming she purchased a similar one from a different retailer and would nab this one in a heartbeat if she still needed one.

"I bought a similar version from Target a few years ago and would totally recommend this!" she shared.

The Mistral brand has been previously sold at stores like Spotlight and Big W, and there's no shortage of other rave reviews online.

"It makes cooking so much easier, faster and stress-free. I'm not a confident cook and the meals that I'm now making in it are delicious," one reviewer shared.

"Similar to the Thermomix without the hefty price tag… might not be as amazing as the Thermo but certainly does a great job!"

Another wrote: "My Thermomix owner friend said the attachments are the same quality as hers… It does the job smashingly well and replacement parts if you ever need them are easy to get hold of and not expensive. I've had mine for I think two years now and it's a champion workhorse."

With glowing reviews and an Air Fryer friend accompanying it, now this is the awkward part we tell you you're going to have to line up SUPER early to get in line for this beauty.

But something tells us you already knew that, right?

This originally appeared on Kidspot and has been republished with permission.

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