Holy Spirit Dove on Royal Blue Starburst Background
Holy Spirit Dove on Royal Blue Starburst Background

Easter is more than holidays and hot cross buns

WHAT is Easter all about in today's world? A four-day holiday? Hot cross buns? Easter Eggs? A visit by the Easter Bunny? School holidays? Time spent with family and friends? A time to shop?

Our world has been evolving and changing at a very fast pace. With the changes, it would appear that the meaning and significance of Easter has also changed.

Somewhere, it would seem, tucked back in not so distant history lurks the reason for our four day holiday for Easter. And yes, the story is told in an ancient book call the Bible. The story is supported by history books. It is the story of Jesus. A few months ago we celebrated his birth. At Easter we remember Jesus as a victim who was betrayed, beaten, accused, mocked and condemned to death on a cross. A cruel death for crimes he did not commit.

The story does not end with his death on the cross. On that terrible Friday, when his broken body was taken down from the cross and given a hasty burial in a borrowed tomb, at that point all that Jesus did and said appeared to be discredited as useless in this real world.

He and his message of love were finished and the disciples were a spent force forever. They were in hiding. Their master gone wrong. Back to the real world where greed, hatred, cunning, revenge and brute power rules supreme. Jesus had lost.

But a couple of days later, something remarkable happened that changed everything. This same Jesus was raised up alive, and appeared first to women and then to the men who had loved and trusted him.

Jesus has risen! And with that rising all his loving, creative, merciful, strong-minded and generous hearted way of life was also raised up. Jesus gets the divine seal of Approval. Easter. Joy. Hope. Awe and wonder. Jesus has risen indeed!

We invite you to join us at our Bundaberg, Bargara and Burnett Heads Churches services to explore the story of Jesus and the meaning of Easter with us.

Our new Minister, Rev Stuart Bosch will conduct our Easter Sunday services in Bundaberg.

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