Celebrating Easter at home.
Celebrating Easter at home. Photo Kmart

Easter provides an excuse to decorate the home

EASTER is growing in popularity as a fabulous excuse to decorate the home and entertain your friends and family. The greatest pleasure of the Easter holiday is witnessing the joy it brings to children. With egg hunting, lots of chocolate, Easter-themed decor and sharing lots of sweet food with family and friends, what's not to love?

I really enjoy decorating the home for this time of the year but I like uncomplicated and easy decorating ideas. Easter is huge in the northern hemisphere and is closely linked to spring, hence the focus on pastel colours. Here in Australia, we still celebrate and decorate with fresh flowers and lots of lovely floral colours in our mild season of Autumn.

When it comes to decorating I don't want to spend too much time and money on Easter - and that's easy. Most of the large stores have great Easter-themed decor pieces that are really affordable.

I also like to mix the reusable pieces with fresh flowers and plants to add a more colour and a natural, earthy feel to a space. Many Easter eggs are so beautifully wrapped, it's easy to sprinkle these colourful foil-wrapped eggs strategically and hang themed Easter bunting.

As a guide, go for pastels, fresh flowers and greenery and you can't go wrong. For a wonderful centrepiece on your dining table, you can place colourfully wrapped chocolate Easter eggs into a beautiful basket or a crystal bowl for a traditional centrepiece with a modern, holiday twist. Then add some embellishments; go crazy with foliage and blooms and continue the look with pastel linens and dinnerware. For the final shimmery, dreamy table-scape, add crystal glasses and lit candles.

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