THE semi-final clash between the Eidsvold Eagles and Mundubbera Tigers boiled over into controversy.

The Eagles allegedly fielded a current player under a false name, and ran away with a 52-16 win and a spot in the grand final.

Centre Nio Siua allegedly played under the name Manase Kavaliku, but there is no record of this person having played in the Central Burnett.

Tigers coach Bert Beezley, who fielded a team five players short, was livid once he heard allegations of what the Eagles had done.

Beezley said it was unfair to field players, unregistered and uninsured.

"If I did what they did I could have got other players to play (to fill the team)," he said.

"We would have won it if we had a full team.

"That was the first time they beat us this season."

Beezley accepted the loss but would like to see the Eagles receive some punishment.

"We got beaten fair and square. Eidsvold should play in the finals," he said.

"But I believe Eidsvold should get fined just to show no other team can do it in the competition.

"What happened in Eidsvold, I don't want it to happen again."

Eagles president Steve Collins said the issue had been looked into by the QRL Central Division and as far as he was concerned it had been resolved.

"It's been looked into and it has been solved," he said.

"The game was won and we will be playing (the grand final)."

QRL operations manager for the Burnett region Lisa Weir said she had no previous record of any similar event.

"We're not actually sure. It's a precedent," she said.

"He (Nio Siua) had played the correct amount of games but played under a different name.

"The player has done the wrong thing and the Central Division manager Glenn Ottaway is looking into it at this stage.

"The investigation is in process."

The Eidsvold Eagles will play the Monto Roos in the grand final at Monto at 4pm.

How the game played out

EIDSVOLD Eagles could not have picked a better time to play their hearts out - except to do it all again next week.

The underdogs beat top premiership team Mundubbera Tigers for the first time this season at the weekend, securing a position in the grand final.

And it was not a slight win either, with a final score of 52-16.

Eagles captain Daniel Nancarrow said it felt "freaking awesome" to win under the circumstances.

"We played smart, controlled the field and had strong defence," he said.

"The boys just came together and played so well."

Although the grand final will be an away game for Eidsvold hosted by the Roos, Nancarrow is a Monto resident, so it will feel like home.

"I'm looking forward to playing against my mates, and just can't wait," he said.

"Let's do it."

For Mundubbera, the game and timing was all wrong, with hoarse voices from the players giving a clue to an underlying problem.

Jacob Kimber said sickness was an ongoing issue, with 15 players attending compared with the usual 19, thanks to a round of flu.

"I was sick last week, but we needed a win so I played, and half the team is sick this week," he said.

It's not all disappointment for the Tigers.

Bailey Kimber, 17, finished off his first ever season for the team tallying up three tries - including a try in the semi-final.

"It was a good first season and I am proud to be a Tiger," he said.

"The goal is to keep playing, improve fitness, and do better next season."

- Anastassia Perets

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