Reports MP's son has been 'fired' from electorate office

ALEX Donaldson has reportedly been fired from his mother's electorate office.

Media reports this week have said Mr Donaldson's employment as a casual worker in the Bundaberg Electorate office was terminated on Monday, following a NewsMail story about controversial and potentially offensive Facebook posts by the 25-year-old man.

The NewsMail contacted Mr Donaldson yesterday about the claims.

ISIL FLAG: One of the images Alexander Donaldson posted to his public Facebook page in recent months.
ISIL FLAG: One of the images Alexander Donaldson posted to his public Facebook page in recent months.

"I was only there as a casual worker while her office was being set up," he said.

When asked if he was working there last week he said no, but when asked how long he had worked at the office, he referred all further questions to Ms Donaldson's office.

Member for Bundaberg Leanne Donaldson, however, has refused to answer questions about the situation.

Ms Donaldson's office failed to respond to the NewsMail's questions which included:

  • Was Alex Donaldson working (in a paid or voluntary capacity) at the Bundaberg Electorate Office?
  • Has he been working there since Ms Donaldson took office in February?
  • How many days was he working?
  • Has his employment been terminated?
  • Are any other members of Ms Donaldson's family working (paid or voluntarily) at the Bundaberg Electorate Office?
  • Was the position filled by Alex advertised as a vacant position?

The NewsMail contacted the Clerk of Parliament Neil Laurie about the practice of hiring family members, and while he said he could not comment on a specific issue, made reference to the Remuneration Handbook which only specifically mentions spouses.

"Members may not engage their spouse in either of the electorate office staff positions."

It also states that prior to staff starting, MPs are required to certify they had interviewed the prospective employee, reviewed the prospective employee's resume and carried out referee checks.

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