Five foods a nutritionist would never eat

IF you were asked to think of the most unhealthy foods, what would you come up with? A block of lard, or a greasy bag of chips?

But it's not only the obvious foods we need to be weary of, says a nutritionist, it's also the seemingly virtuous choices such as smoothies or canned soup that should be avoided.

Speaking to the MailOnline, Helen Bond has shared five foods she would never eat.

1. Breakfast sandwiches

Bacon and eggs don't need to be unhealthy, but the processed ingredients in breakfast sandwiches are often high in fat while lacking in nutrients.

"The sandwiches are normally made from white bread, so they're lacking in fibre.

"They contain sausages and bacon - processed meats high in saturated fat. This is not something you should be enjoying on a daily basis," says Bond.

A wealth of evidence has shown processed meat to raise our risk of disease.

2. Soup

Soup may seem like a healthy choice but often canned options contain extremely high levels of salt was well as additives, preservatives and colours.

"That's why you need to choose your canned soups carefully," warns Bond.

She recommends the like of Heinz tomato soup, citing some manufacturers which have taken steps to lower their salt and sugar contents.

"If you have half a can of Heinz tomato for lunch, it's one of your five a day and a great source of lycopene."

3. White chocolate

White chocolate is not considered "proper chocolate" because it doesn't actually contain any cocoa solids, Bond says.

The higher the percentage of cocoa solids in chocolate, the higher the flavonoids content.

Flavonoids are compounds found in fruits and vegetables that are antioxidants, thought to be healthy as they protect cells from damage.

They are believed to not only assist in weight loss but also protect the brain and heart.

Nutritionally, there's a stark difference between white, milk and plain or dark, with much more healthy flavonoids in darker varieties.

4. Smoothies

Long billed as a natural, healthy option, the sugars from fruit in smoothies can add hundreds of calories to your daily intake, says Bond.

While smoothies are undoubtedly better than sugary, fizzy drinks and can help you on your way to one or even two of your five-a-day, the health benefits of some are questionable.

"Many of those purchased in shops and supermarkets are very high in calories, with added whole-milk yogurt, syrups, sugar, even peanut butter and chocolate.

She explains that in the juicing process, fibre is removed. This not only takes away some of the nutrients that would be found in a whole fruit or vegetable, but you are also less likely to feel fuller for longer.

Smoothies can also damage your teeth if they are being sipped over a long period of time because the acidity of the fruit juice can affect dental enamel.

5. Popcorn

Increasingly, popcorn is purported as a healthy snack that's low in calories.

However, the majority of options come coated in butter, salt or sugar.

"Popcorn is a wholegrain so it can be a low fat snack," she told MailOnline. "The air popped one is healthy - it's when you begin adding things to it that it becomes a problem.

"Eating foods slathered in butter or sugar regularly will only add calories to your diet.

"Popcorn is being promoted as guilt-free, lighter snack. But be vigilant of the naughty types."


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