Foul language leads to man’s expensive fine

A MAN has learned the expensive way there are better methods for dealing with a neighbourly dispute than to get physical.

Michael Joseph Carroll, 57, pleaded guilty in the Toowoomba Magistrates Court to one count each of commit public nuisance, conduct causing a public nuisance, and assault or obstruct police officer.

The court heard police had been called to an incident on James St about 5.30pm on March 10 with reports two men were arguing.

While en route, prosecutor Sergeant Mike Robinson said the argument between Carroll and an elderly complainant man had escalated to a physical altercation.

Carroll was found to have a bloodied hand on arrival by police and flicked it toward the ground and had wiped it on his then-blood stained shirt.

Police told Carroll to stop flicking the blood on the ground to which he responded by telling the officers not to tell him what to do.

Sgt Robinson said Carroll was incoherent and unable to finish his sentences.

Police took up with the elderly woman at the address who reported Carroll had knocked on her door before hurling off a string of expletives.

She would not repeat the words to police, Sgt Robinson said.

The elderly man said he'd had an argument with Carroll and had pushed him at which point Carroll had fallen backwards and injured his hand.

Police then made attempts to arrest Carroll at which point he struggled and received a small laceration to his forehead and was taken to Toowoomba Hospital.

While in triage, Sgt Robinson told the court Carroll continued to swear loudly and was cautioned by police several times about his language.

Solicitor Kevin Rose, for Carroll, said his client was a 57-year-old Aboriginal man who had consumed half a bottle of scotch the day of the incident.

He said his client was responding to his neighbours who Carroll instructed him often spoke about him.

Mr Rose said his client accepted the version of events relayed to the court and called for a fine in sentence.

Magistrate Damian Carroll handed down a $900 fine for all offences.

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