IN A five hour crime spree an energised Ipswich lad armed with a stolen credit card used its pay-wave function to stack up nearly $3,500 in frauds - around $3,000 spent just on smokes.

At a cracking pace between the hours of 2.30am and 7.30am, 25-year-old Shawn Ungerer-Dean went to more than 15 servo's to buy the goods on the card.

There was also a sugary iced slurpee at one servo stop.

In evidence before Ipswich Magistrates Court put by police prosecutor Senior Constable Carl Spargo, the total fraudulent expenditure was $3486, the officer describing it as "a crime spree".

He said it included 46 boxes of cigarettes - "a one year supply of smokes".

With his family attending to give support, Shawn Ungerer-Dean, 25, pleaded guilty to 36 fraud charges, unauthorised dealing with shop goods, stealing, unlawful possession of suspected stolen property, possession of tainted property, and possession of drug utensils.

Snr Cnst Spargo said the credit card was used during those early morning hours on May 5, 2017 - the vast majority on cigarettes, two mobile phones, phone credits and gift cards.

And there was the frozen slurpee - followed by Ungerer-Dean buying headache tablets soon after.

In other offences Ungerer-Dean walked into a house yard on June 18 and found a tool box with $200 worth of tools. A witness held him until police arrived but a co-offender ran off with the tools.

Then in an offence on January 30 he entered a SupaCheap auto shop with a group of people and put stolen goods (valued at $239) down the front of his shorts.

A store employee who confronted them was simply ignored.

Snr Cnst Spargo said Ungerer-Dean went into another store and secreted an $85 spanner set in his jumper, later telling police he traded the spanners for cigarettes.

He outlined the offender's prior convictions for stealing and fraud - and two suspended jail terms Ungerer-Dean received.

Defence lawyer Matthew Fairclough said Ungerer-Dean was seeking a job and linked-in with Sarino Russo employment agency. His partner was expecting a baby.

"It was unsophisticated offending. And inevitable that he would be caught," Mr Fairclough said.

"He tells me that at the time he was having issues with ice. His judgement would be affected. Not an excuse but an explanation.

"He is not using ice at present."

Magistrate Andy Cridland agreed it had been inevitable that he would be caught - "a spending spree on someone else's card".

"A fair bit of stupidity involved, this sort of offending."

Mr Cridland told Ungerer-Dean that with his history a jail term was called for.

Convicted he was sentenced to six months jail - immediately released to parole. And received lesser terms, or convictions only for other offences.

Mr Cridland warned him to be on his best behaviour and not offend during the six months of the supervised order, saying "there are no (second) chances from here on in if there is a breach".

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