BREANNA Cook is bringing a new dimension to her horse trick riding.

Accompanied by two young trickster apprentices, the trio will perform at the finale of the Eidsvold Cattle Drive on Saturday.

"We'll have trick riding, liberty, have horses doing tricks, Roman riding, and at the end we'll do a little dance," Cook said.

Emily Dingle, 12, and Sarah Salisbury, 11, had no hesitation in getting involved when Cook was looking for "horse crazy" girls to join her.

After just a few sessions, Emily has picked up tricks and cannot wait to do them in front of a crowd.

"I do the foot on saddle, which is where you put your foot on the saddle and just hang on," she said.

"You walk the trick and then you canter - I guess it's pretty easy. It just takes a lot of practice."

Sarah has been under Cook's wing since early in the year.

One of the tricks she will perform is the backwards ballerina.

"I like working with Breanna, and I like working with her horses as well," Sarah said.

"Trick riding is something I want to do in the future."

The show will be divided into several sections, and the outfits will change from glamorous latex to the girls looking like swagmen.

Finishing Year 12 last year, Cook is taking a gap year to focus on horses.

"One of the skills that I'll being doing is Roman Riding," she said.

It involves two horses running alongside each other and the rider standing up with one foot on each horse.

"Stuff like that takes a while to learn, and we've been doing a lot of practising."

The extra preparation time has allowed Cook to professionalise the different show elements.

"At the start of last year, I just taught myself off of YouTube, so it has taken a while having to teach my horses," she said.

"Because we are on a cattle farm, Roman riding and trick riding are usually the last things that I did while at school."

More animals than the three horses are involved. Cook's dog Jules will join in the swagmen scene, dressed as a sheep.

To fit the old-style cattle drive theme, the girls will perform to country sounds including Waltzing Matilda.

"The two new girls will add a bit of laughter to the performance," Cook said. Entertainment events for the Eidsvold Cattle Drive grand final will start from 10am at the Eidsvold Showgrounds this Saturday.

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