Mum punches child in mouth during violent rage

A GLADSTONE mum who just wanted to be out of jail to sit by her son during his brain surgery had her wish come true.

But not before pleading guilty in the Gladstone Magistrates Court to two counts of a contravention of a domestic violence order, both aggravated offences; one common assault and a breach of bail.

The mother of eight, who cannot be named and is the respondent of a protection order, had spent since April 5 behind bars after a string of offending beginning in March, the court heard.

The court heard on March 3 at 8am police were called to a two-storey Gladstone residence, where a fight between the defendant and aggrieved had broken out about the kids' school lunches.

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The aggrieved was lying in bed when the woman punched him several times in the leg, she then grabbed a large black metal pole and swung it at him. It missed, but a second swing saw the pole connect with the aggrieved's back, the court heard.

The aggrieved tried to run away from the defendant, but fell and dislocated his shoulder.

The woman punched the aggrieved, who had rolled up into the foetal position, several times in the legs and stomach using the pole.

The children, who had been upstairs getting ready for school, came down and tried to separate their mother from the aggrieved.

The defendant punched one of her children in the mouth, the court heard.

Police arrived and stories were swapped, with the defendant admitting that she did hit the aggrieved, however, told police he regularly hit her.

She was arrested, but released on bail March 6, with one child added to the protection order held by the aggrieved against the defendant.

On April 5 police were called to an address where the defendant answered the door. She told police there was nobody else home.

However, upon conducting a search police found one of the bedroom doors had been barricaded with furniture.

The court heard inside the bedroom was the aggrieved and two small children. The aggrieved had to move furniture to enable police entry to the room.

It was noted in court that the three of them were visibly shaken and scared.

The court heard the fight started when the aggrieved asked the defendant if he could take his son to the shops, to which the defendant pointed at one of the other children and said: "take that whore with you".

This sparked an argument which saw the defendant threaten to kill one of the children; she grabbed the child by the hair and pulled her to the ground, the court heard.

The aggrieved dragged the defendant off the child and attempted to leave.

The defendant grabbed a kitchen knife and thrusted it towards the aggrieved, causing him to take the children and barricade themselves in the bedroom.

Police arrived on scene and the defendant was arrested, but this time bail was refused.

Upon hearing the facts, the defendant broke down in tears and told the magistrate she would never hurt her children.

She told the magistrate that her 18-year-old son was going for brain surgery soon and she didn't want to be behind bars for it.

She also told the court that her and the aggrieved regularly argued and that she too, was a victim of domestic violence.

Her and the aggrieved have two kids of their own together, the court heard.

Gladstone Magistrate Melanie took into account the two months she had already served, and imposed a six-month imprisonment term.

Ms Ho released the woman immediately on parole.

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