Roos living the dream

A WIN at home was a dream come true for the Monto Roos - everything had gone perfectly.

After the game, coach Damien Zieth said the triumph all came down to team spirit.

"We made sure we had breakfast together, we were together last night, we walked down to the grounds together today, and everything was all about the team," he said.

"At the start of the year, we were putting the team together and we were struggling.

"But the boys came together at the end of year.

"It's a dream come true for me."

A line of new players could be attributed to the win, including Rookie of the Year and star player 17-year-old Jarod Dahtler.

"I always watched the games as either a ball boy or a linesman, but to be playing on the team was great," he said.

"My brother was awarded this last year for his first year playing for the Roos, and it's just a great confidence boost for next year."

Luckily for Monto, Jarod has his sights set on continuing to play.

"With all the help from my family and friends anything is a possibility for the future," he said.

And let's not forget about the veteran players of the team, like Martin Bowman who has been playing "forever".

"My birthday always falls in around the grand final time," he said.

"I need to keep playing every year to stay in shape.

"Even though we won this year, there is still heaps of room for improving, like our completion rate and fixing silly mistakes."

Eagles fly home with pride in their hearts

EIDSVOLD Eagles played their hearts out until the timer counted to zero at the rugby league grand final.

The team was in it to the end, but Monto lifted its game in the second half and proved to be too good.

Eagles coach Blake Popp viewed the game as just one of the highlights for the 2015 season.

"Every game was a highlight, as all teams were equally matched in the North Burnett competition," he said.

"Congratulations to Monto. They were the better team on the field today, but we will have their spot next year.

"I'm proud of the boys. We made it to the grand final and that is a fantastic accomplishment."

The Eidsvold team drove home with pride and motivation to go for a win next year.

Eidsvold club president Steve Collins was proud of the way the Eidsvold Eagles carried themselves in the grand final.

Collins said this year was a year of rebuilding the Eidsvold Club and to be included in the showdown was just the perfect finish.

"We almost won today and the team played well enough to win. We just fell short," he said.

"Eidsvold have so many young players coming through to keep the Eagles flying and I am excited about the future of the footy club."

Now a veteran of five grand finals, Eidsvold player Stanley Bligh said next year would be the year of the Eagles.

"Playing keeps me fit and I will be playing for my hometown next year as I have since I was six years old," he said.

"I have enjoyed playing with all the Tongan boys this year. It has brought a new dimension to our team and the young Eidsvold boys are learning from them.

"All is good for the next season."

Mitchell kicking goals for family

EVERY football game Tyson Mitchell plays, he does it for his family and friends.

"I don't want to let them down and I strive to play to my best ability every time," he said.

Mitchell performed the best he had all season at the grand final, taking out title of Central Burnett Rugby League Man of the Match.

He scored the first try for the Roos, and after half-time scored another one, and finished off his roll with a goal.

"It just feels ecstatic," he said.

"Just feel very privileged and honoured, as not many people get to play in the grand final.

"I only moved here last year and it has been an honour meeting the boys."

Mitchell had the season off last year due to injuries, previously playing for Stanthorpe.

The most recent grand final he played in was in 2010.

"I'm thankful for my parents for getting me into sport as a young boy, I have been playing football since I was five," he said.

"Am quite happy to stick around and play with the Roos again."

Glory for Roos in grand final battle

A THICK fog of intensity swirled the Monto Sportsgrounds before the start of the rugby league final at the weekend.

Butterflies had reportedly contaminated the bellies of competitors and observers - oblivious travellers could be forgotten for mistaking the scene for the Olympics.

Almost the entire Monto community had come down to support its boys, while Eidsvold brought plenty of fans of its own.

Following taping up, the warm-up and team chants, at 4pm it was time for the game to get underway.

The Eagles soared to an early lead, when Dwinelle Luani scored the first try of the game.

Monto found itself on the scoreboard not long after with Tyson Mitchell running in for a try.

At half-time, the game was anyone's with the score at 8-8.

Monto Roos coach Damien Zieth said half-time was a turnaround point for the home team.

"We just dropped the ball and defended too much in the first half, and if we kept playing like that we wouldn't have won the game," he said.

"So we went in the sheds, talked about it, and we came out with a different game plan."

From then, the Roos were on a roll.

With 10 minutes to go, Monto led 18-8.

But the Eagles were not giving up on the scoreboard in the last few minutes by scoring one last try.

And then full-time hit, and for the Monto Roos players, it sunk in that they were champions as the home crowd cheered on..

Roos player Marty Bowman said particular parts of the game really helped towards the win.

"The boys really muscled up in defence, and that really stood out for me in our game plan," he said.

Eagles coach Blake Popp said he was disappointed for his teammates who had played so hard.

"It came down to just a few mistakes by us today. Dropped ball and silly passes cost us dearly," he said.

Eagles captain Dan Nancarrow said the team would come back bigger and better for next season.

"Leading the Eagles this year has been a pleasure and I am so happy I was a part of a team with so many personalities and cultures," he said.

"We have come such a long way this year and we will come back next year and improve even more.

"I am feeling that I want to play in this team again next year and win the final.

"The club spirit and the support from the town's people is about caring for each other more than just winning."

Only one goal was kicked in the game, by Tyson Mitchell from the Roos.

Training for the next rugby league season will start in January.

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