SENSELESS: Vandals targeted the Gayndah Golf club at the weekend.
SENSELESS: Vandals targeted the Gayndah Golf club at the weekend. Adam McCleery

Golf club course a target for vandals

Golf: After all the hard work and dedication from volunteers, members and ground staff the Gayndah Golf Club course was vandalised at the weekend when unknown people drove onto the course.

Gayndah Golf Club secretary Diana Baker was not pleased when she heard the news.

"Someone drove their car onto the course, doing doughnuts on several fairways and tearing up two of our recently cored, groomed, watered and fertilised greens,” she said.

The course underwent maintenance on October 28 with a number of club members volunteering their free time to help core the greens and do a general clean up of the course.

The course has one employed greenkeeper and a handful of dedicated volunteers who maintain the greens and fairways on a regular basis.

Coring is an essential process to any healthy course and can take some time for the greens to recover, the vandalism will only slow the process.

"Very disappointing for all the volunteers,” Diana said.

Long time Gayndah Golf Club member Lindsay Baker volunteers his time regularly to help greenkeeper Jim eyers maintain the greens.

"There is damage on hole two, they did a job on some of the fairways, hole five and quite a bit through hole six,” Lindsay said.

"And there is one big crave through the fairway on hole too and then they have driven 20 feet up the hill onto the grene on hole two and it looks like they have given it full revs and spun around on it.”

Gayndah Police Sergeant Josh Ryan was notified of the vandalism.

"It's appalling that members of this community can knowingly and willing damage property that is there to provide entertain- ment for all,” Sgt Ryan said.

"The offenders involved in this can have their vehicle seized and even forfeited to the state for their actions.

"Police have a number of suspects in this matter and will use all resources to bring these people to justice and to prevent such community areas from being destroyed.”

"We've already had the big heavy tennis court roller out and gone over the greens about 10 time son each spot,” Lindsay said.

"And it's helped a little but it's still looking pretty rough.

"It rained quite a bit on Friday night too.”

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