Bushfire in Girraween National Park destroys shed and car

UPDATE 6.30pm

A SHED and car have been burned down in the bushfire in Girraween National Park near Wallangarra. 

The owners of the farm property were not around at the time. 

Stanthorpe Fire Captain Ian Barnden is reassuring residents no other structures are currently under direct threat. 

"The plan is to do back burn around structures - pushing in some control lines with some machines to contain the fire," he said. 

The winds have slowed down enough for crews to enter back into the national park to perform back burning. 

The fire has jumped across the border into army land where New South Wales fire crews are working with the army barracks to protect the area. 

Around 15 crews from urban and rural fire and Queensland National Parks crews remain on scene. 

Mr Barnden has urged any residents who think their house may be under threat to call 000. 

The cause of the fire is under investigation. 

UPDATE: 4.20pm

FIREFIGHTERS are working to put fire breaks into Girraween National Park to access a blaze which has been burning since 11.30am. 

Stanthorpe Fire Captain Ian Barnden said crews were waiting for the weather to cool and winds to slow down so they can get crews into the national park to perform some back burning. 

"Most of the properties have all been burned around the trucks just keep going back there and monitoring to make sure nothing has sparked up," he said. 

"At this stage it is all safe." 

The fire has burned across the border into the New South Wales side of the National Park. 

Mr Barnden expects they will be fighting this fire for the next few days. 

"There's a lot of fuel load, high temperatures and winds," he said. 

"Fires like this you can't really put them out, you've got to put measures in place to burn it out. Or pray for rain." 

The cause of the fire is currently unknown. 


UPDATE 2.25pm: RESIDENTS towards the east of Paling Yard Road, Wallangarra are being asked to be prepared to leave as the bushfire in Girraween continues to burn. 

Currently no properties are under threat however fire crews are warning the fire could get worse. 


UPDATE 2pm: A FIRE of approximately 100 hectares has entered into Girraween National Park near Wallangarra. 

The blaze started around 11.30am on Paling Yard Road and has since spread filling the town with large grey smoke clouds. 

Flames from the fire have risen to up to two metres with a severe fire warning currently in place. 

Stanthorpe Fire Captain Ian Barnden said some properties were initially under threat but have now been protected. 

He said many parts of the national park had not been burned off in several years. 

"It's probably doing more good than harm giving a bit of a clean up to the park,"  he said

BURN: Smoke from the fire blaze in Girraween National Park near Wallangarra.
BURN: Smoke from the fire blaze in Girraween National Park near Wallangarra. liana walker

QFES are now working with Queensland National Parks to establish a plan to attack the fire. 

A resident has provided firefighters with his own water tanker to help fight the blaze. 

A water bombing helicopter is on it's way to and fire crews from New South Wales have travelled up to help.

Mr Barnden has urged residents to stay away from the fire while they work to contain it. 

"We'd really appreciate if people would stay home because when we're driving our trucks and there's smoke on the road it's sometimes really hard to see what's in front of us and if there's cars sometimes we've got to take evasive action.

"If people can avoid these areas when there's fires and lots of trucks around that would be really good."



FIVE crews are currently working to fight a blaze in Wallangarra and prevent it from heading to Girraween National Park. 

Queensland Fire and Emergency Services sent an advice level warning for the fire on Paling Yard Road. 

A Spokesman said at 12.20pm the fire was travelling in an easterly direction towards Girraween National Park.

"They're doing everything they can to contain it."

People in the area will be affected by smoke, which will reduce visibility and air quality.

Call Triple Zero (000) immediately if you believe you or your property is under threat.

•        Listen to your local radio station or visit the Rural Fire Service (RFS) website for regular updates.
•        If you have a bushfire survival plan, refer to it now and be ready to follow it.
•        If you do not have a bushfire survival plan, or if your plan is to leave, identify where you will go if the situation changes.
•        Close windows and doors to minimise smoke exposure.
•        If you suffer from a respiratory condition, keep your medication close by.
•        Drive with caution in low visibility conditions.
•        Contact your neighbours to see if they need help preparing for the bushfire.
•        Consider finding your essential items (e.g., identification documents, prescription medication, food and water, and protective clothing such as a long-sleeved cotton shirt and trousers, and boots) in case you need to leave.
•        Consider what you will do to protect your pets and livestock.
•        Drink plenty of water to stay hydrated.
•        Advise family and friends of your intended actions if the situation changes.


FOUR fire crews are currently on scene at a grass fire in Wallangarra estimated to be around half an acre.

Firefighters were called to Paling Yard road around 11.30 this morning.

Fire crews on the scene have since called for additional help.

Currently there are no reports of property or houses under threat.

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