Samuel George Kafoa pleaded guilty in court.
Samuel George Kafoa pleaded guilty in court. Facebook

'Heartbreaking': Teen's $10k insulin pump stolen by a mate

A TEENAGER was without his much-needed insulin pump for four days after another teen, supposedly his friend, kept the stolen device from him.

The pump was taken from the 17-year-old boy while he was sleeping near friends at a party.

It was worth about $10,000 and he needed it to manage his diabetes.

Samuel George Kafoa, 18, pleaded guilty in Gladstone Magistrates Court to attempted fraud and two counts of receiving tainted property, after being in possession of the insulin pump and a mobile phone, both taken from the party on January 28.

The owner of the insulin pump is required to wear it 24/7 and sleeps with it, although it can sometimes come unattached from his body in his sleep.

When he woke up the morning after the party, having slept near Kafoa, the insulin pump was gone.

Police prosecutor Sergeant Barry Stevens said the boy saw Kafoa packing a bag nearby.

Those still at the home searched for the pump, and the 17-year-old's parents later arrived to help look.

Four days later the pump was found in the home, in plain view in an area that had been searched.

Sgt Stevens said it had clearly been taken then returned.

"It must have been heartbreaking, especially for the parents, to have to replace this $10,000 pump for their son," he said.

Sgt Stevens said the phone was stolen before the insulin pump, when its owner put it down at the party and went to get a drink.

When the girl returned, her phone was gone, and her friends helped her look for it.

Having still not found it the following morning, the girl posted a Facebook status offering $200 for its return, saying it was worthless to the thief because it was locked.

Kafoa contacted her offering to look for it again at the home, and then claimed to find it between cushions on a lounge at the home where the party had been.

Sgt Stevens said messages between Kafoa and other friends indicated he knew it had been stolen and lied about finding it to earn the $200.

Lawyer Jun Pepito said Kafoa was sorry for his actions.

Mr Pepito said his client had been "hanging around the wrong group", but had since distanced himself from them.

Magistrate Melanie Ho said the charges, particularly the theft of the insulin pump, were serious.

"It's something (the diabetic boy) needs for his life and his well being," Ms Ho said.

Kafoa was sentenced to 12 months probation.

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