BLACK powder, pre-1900 outfits and lots of fun were all part of last Saturday's Black Powder Western Action shoot-out held at the Biggenden Rifle Range complex.

Club member for 17 years Noel McLachlan said he travelled from Brisbane to shoot on the historic range because he enjoyed the Biggenden people, atmosphere and scenery.

"This range was established in 1901 with the wonderful backdrop of Mount Walsh," he said.

"There are plenty of places I could shoot down in Brisbane but I come here because the atmosphere is great and the people have become my family."

In the black powder class of guns, the chamber is loaded with gunpowder, a wad, a round shot (round piece of lead like a fishing sinker), some grease to hold it all together and then a detonating cap on the other end to make it all go bang when the trigger is pulled.

Club president Allan Grant said the club was established 18 years ago and still going strong.

"I am a foundation member of the club and the enthusiasm is the same now as it was way back then," he said.

"We shoot here 13 times a year and today we have 21 shooters."

Founding member Mark Enett, of Bundaberg, said he didn't get to shoot as much as he would like to.

"Biggenden has a marvellous range and I look on it as the best in Queensland," he said.

Esther and Simon Attwood, newcomers from Gin Gin, said they hoped to join the club and were keen to get their own guns.

"We have to shoot in three club events to be able to join the club," Mrs Attwood said.

"We then have to shoot three times as members, take a health and safety test and then get a police clearance before we can apply for a permit for a gun."

Mr Attwood said it was worth it so they could spend more time in Biggenden.

"My wife and I like to do things together and when we are established members we intend to come over and camp here on weekends," he said

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