Glenn Rushton outside his home in Stretton.
Glenn Rushton outside his home in Stretton.

Horn trainer wants to share title dream with fighter

BOXING: Glenn Rushton doesn't need money. His seven-bedroom mansion in the Brisbane suburb of Stretton is proof of that.

So what is the motivation that drives the Bundaberg-born 59-year-old martial arts expert and trainer of Jeff Horn to succeed?

Well for Horn read Rushton.

Just like the man who he is preparing to fight Manny Pacquiao on Sunday at Suncorp Stadium, Rushton was the victim of bullies.

Four more than four decades, the man who made his millions in investment management, has been involved in martial arts and boxing and just like Horn his involvement started when he was a victim of playground yobs.

"I got beat up badly when I was 12 and I made a decision then to something about it," he recalled this week.

"I went to the police and they wouldn't help at the time. They are never there when you need them - they just physically can't be - so I said 'I am going to be my own best bodyguard, I am going to be Superman'.

"I always said I can always rely on me and that's what I try to instil into other people.

"That used to drive me to help people like Jeff and it still does."

Rushton said that challenge of taking on the best in the world was driving both him and the man he trains to achieve their dream.

"To keep motivated in whatever you do you need new challenges," he said.

"So I have been promoting, I have competed, I have coached - I have done all these things over the years and this (the Pacquiao fight) is an exciting challenge for me.

"I have studied every aspect of unarmed combat for more than four decades and I believe I have got the skills to achieve this great challenge.

"I love to see people like Jeff succeed and see them achieve their dreams.

"This is exactly what this is and when you share a dream like this together it is a wonderful feeling."

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