Kerry Washington
Kerry Washington

How Kerry Washington stopped over sharing

Kerry Washington sends pictures of her daughter to her therapist. 

The 'Scandal' actress admitted there are times when she is desperate to post pictures of her and husband Nnamdi Asomugha's 22-month-old daughter Isabelle to social media but instead sends them to her "shrink or mother".

Notoriously private Kerry explained: "It's like I have these itchy fingers where I want to just show my daughter because she's so cute and instead I like, send it to my shrink or send it to my mother. 

"I'm like, 'Look at this picture! Look how cute, look at this picture!'

"Get it out of my phone into the world, but not on social.

"So I get the desire to do that, but I want her to make her own decisions in her time and I feel like she already has a lot to navigate in life being the daughter of an actor and a former football player that she has a lot going on, so she should be able to enter this world when it feels right for her and not make that decision for her.

"Who knows that the next generation of Snapchat will be when she's allowed to have a phone, you know? Who knows?"

Kerry also revealed that her husband thinks she has become funnier since becoming a mother. 

Speaking at the 'New Rules of Social Stardom' talk at the SXSW Festival in Austin, Texas, Kerry said: "My husband says that I'm funnier since I became a mom, and that luckily I was pregnant when I did SNL because I was really funny.

"I think something about being a mom has made me let go even more of ideas of perfectionism, like when you're pregnant you're just not in control of anything. Like every day you're like, 'What am I today?'"

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