PASS IT ON: It's the thought that counts, but some times our Christmas presents just miss the mark.
PASS IT ON: It's the thought that counts, but some times our Christmas presents just miss the mark. jackscoldsweat

How to make a profit off unwanted gifts

THERE'S nothing like the excitement of peeling back the wrapping paper on Christmas day to discover what is beneath.

But no matter how much your family loves you, there's always a couple of lemons under the tree.

There's nothing worse than that awkward moment when you smile graciously and thank the person, making every attempt to conceal your disappointment.

Of course it's the thought of the gift that counts, but there's no use letting an unwanted gift sit around and go to waste.

Here's a handful of ways to make the most out of your unwanted Christmas presents.

1. Sibling swapsies?

If you do it discretely, there's nothing wrong with swapping gifts between family members - sharing is caring, right?

In a few month's time, Aunty Marge probably won't even notice you wearing that cute pair of earrings she gave to you sister on Christmas day.

2. Back to the shops.

If your gift giver was cautious enough to kept the docket, there's always the option of returning your unwanted gift.

Refund policies differ from store to store, but you should be entitled to your money back or to exchange your product for another item in the store.

But don't put it off too long - refund policies can expire within a space of two weeks.

3. The wonderful web.

Ebay, Gumtree, Facebook Marketplace - there's no shortage of online options when you want to palm off a present.

Just make sure you're not Facebook friends with the gift giver when you advertise your item for sale!

4. Have a garage sale.

There's nothing like a good, healthy decluttering as you head in to a new year.

Why no host a small garage sale to make some money off your old stuff?

Amongst everything else, your unwanted present is sure to go unnoticed if the gift giver decides to stroll along to your sale.

5. Cash it in.

Head to the pawn brokers and see if you can get some dollars for your dud.

The trade off for convenience is the fact that you probably won't get the best deal, but something is better than nothing.

6. Put it in the present box.

Perhaps your gift just didn't find the right owner the first time around.

The wonderful art of re-gifting allows you to pass on your present to someone more appreciative, and maybe even spend the money you saved on something nice for yourself.

7. Make a donation.

If you're still in the giving spirit from Christmas you might like to donate your gift to a local charity shop or organisation like a school or library.

The real gift is the warm feeling you get from doing something kind.

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