Hundreds queue for sad grandpa's BBQ

HE'S the grandpa who's photo went viral last week after his grandaughter tweeted that he had made dinner for his six grandchildren, but only one showed up.

The tweet was retweeted over 181,000 times with various messages of heartbreak and offers to join her grandfather for a meal.

And on Saturday, that's exactly what happened.

Hundreds of fans flocked to Oklahoma to share a meal with Kenneth Harmon, known on the internet as "Sad Papaw".

Last week, Harmon's grandson announced the family were throwing a cookout for all of their grandfather's fans, serving up burgers and a chance to meet the man who broke Twitter's heart.

The turnout was impressive, with family member Rodney Harmon telling Oklahoma's KFOR: "There are folks here from Pennsylvania, Virginia, New York, California, Germany."

Guests could buy one of Papaw's burgers - just like the meal he made for his no-show grandkids last week - and a T-shirt reading: "I ate a burger with Sad Papaw" for $US16.

One cookout attendee and her two daughters drove 20 hours from southern California to eat with Harmon.

Speaking to News 9, Sharon Fernandez said she was touched by the story: "It was sad, you know? Here he makes this dinner for his grandchildren, but I understand it, we all have busy lives."

The man of the moment told the Daily Mail he wasn't holding a grudge over the incident that sparked his online fame. "I wanted everybody to be there but I don't get upset about things.

"My son Ryan just plain forgot. I called him to ask whether he and his kids would be coming over but he was busy at work and forgot to tell them.

"These things happen, so I wasn't too sad, it was a misunderstanding."

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