70kg v 136kg: ‘I had to stab him’ accused says

A MAN accused of stabbing a former friend following fiery exchanges on Facebook, has told the Hervey Bay District Court he had no choice but to use a knife to protect himself.

Tyde Bale, 21, has pleaded not guilty to a charge of unlawful wounding.

The court heard he phoned police moments after a fight in his front yard which ended in his friend-turned-rival Troy Skope fleeing and left bleeding with slash wounds to his chest and arm.

Police allege Bale was motivated by his history with Mr Skope's girlfriend when he made threats on social media, but on Tuesday Bale maintained it was a slur against his mentally troubled mother that fuelled the online war and subsequent real-life confrontation.

Choosing to give evidence before the closing of his trial on Tuesday, Bale admitted he was upset when he posted comments on his Facebook page such as "you pushed the wrong buttons on the wrong day" and "I am going to ruin their Shrek and Fiona lifestyle".

He said he had returned home from his work for the dole program when his mother told him that Mr Skope and another male had been calling her "mental".

Bale said the comments upset him because his mother was "mentally unfit" and had been hospitalised for related issues.

Asked what he meant by "ruining" the couple's lifestyle, Bale said that he had intended to "call DOCS (Department of Child Safety)".

The court heard that after reading the posts, Mr Skope responded, telling Bale to be waiting outside his house.

Bale admitted he had picked up a fishing knife when he saw Mr Skope but insisted he was holding it in the hope it would "scare him off".

He said he knew Mr Skope was a trained wrestler and having already been punched in the face, felt he had no choice but to defend himself.

"I had to stab him," he told the court.

Earlier, Bale's mother described Mr Skope as the "Incredible Hulk... ready to kill something" when he "stormed" through her front gate.

The court heard Bale weighed 70kg at the time of the fight, while the other man was significantly larger.

Defence barrister Lars Falcongreen asked the jury to consider what options were available to someone when a "6ft 4 man who weighs 136kg and is fight trained... has smashed you in the face and is trying to wrestle with you?"

A verdict is expected to be returned on Wednesday.

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