Ben Simmons was on fire.
Ben Simmons was on fire.

‘I want my money’: crazy Simmons clip

THAT escalated quickly.

Just a couple days after Ben Simmons' jump shot teaser video No.3267 gave Philly fans reason to hope the Aussie star's shooting skills had finally arrived, Simmons has been spotted dropping four consecutive half-court bombs during a high-stakes half-court shoot-off that appeared to have some significant money riding on it.

Simmons' coach, Brett Brown, earlier this week declared the Sixers were prepared to give Simmons permission to develop his long-range shooting game this season.

A video that has emerged on social media on Friday suggests the Sixers won't have to wait too long next season until Simmons is able to knock down jumpers from beyond the arc and force defenders to take him seriously from downtown.

If the defence is forced to get in Simmons' face and free up space in the paint, watch out for the Sixers in the play-offs next year.

The latest video of Simmons training with skills and development coach Chris Johnson this off-season suggests the 2019 All Star will need to be guarded everywhere from the halfway line.

In the video, Simmons drops four straight half-court shots to win a bet against his training partners.

It also shows him getting pretty damn excited about it too.



Simmons is 0 for 18 from beyond the arc in his NBA career - but it doesn't look like it will be staying that way for long.

He's up for the challenge.

"I'm ready to be who I am as a player, continue to develop, keep working," Simmons told The Associated Press.

"It's a process. It takes time.

"Obviously, people always want to see results straight away, but that's not how things work."

Brown is putting his faith in Simmons and believes the young star can take his game to even greater heights.

"It starts here and here first completely - the willingness to shoot,"  Brown said at the team's annual luncheon on Friday, according to PhillyVoice's Kyle Neubeck.

"The time that he has invested over the course of this summer is the best by a long shot that he ever has.

"We're going to encourage him to shoot threes and we're going to encourage him ... if he sees a straight-line drive, take off and eat it up.

"I think I can help him use the space in both of those ways."



Simmons decided to focus on improving his game instead of playing for the Boomers at the World Cup earlier this month in China.

He has rediscovered his love for basketball during those long hours in the gym and admitted the criticism has weighed on him at times.

"I think sometimes you kind of get too deep into it where you listen to other people, which should never be the thing you do unless they're giving you positive feedback or trying to help you get better because there's a lot of negativity out there," Simmons said.

"It's huge once you kind of block that out, you don't really care, you kinda go out there feeling free.

"You don't care if you miss a shot because everyone misses a shot so that's one of the things that I think this summer I got back to how I was as a player just playing and doing what I love at a high level."

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