'I'm going to behead you': Chilling words of armed attacker

OUT OF the goodness of his heart he took a struggling young family into his rural home.

But in a shocking turn of events the 63-year-old would end up being brutally bashed with a wooden stake and threatened with an ISIS-style beheading.

Two years after the violent incident at a farm at Loadstone north of Kyogle, one of the man's attackers has been sentenced for his crimes.

Sam Webb, 29, spent almost two years on the run between Broken Hill, Western Australia, Darwin and Alice Springs before police caught with him in South Australia in January.

Police had a warrant out for Webb's arrest since February 2016.

According to an agreed statement of police facts, Webb and his partner were invited to live on the man's property in October 2015 if they paid a small amount of rent and did chores around the farm.

The victim left the property in December to start a new job in Brisbane, and when he returned in January 10, Webb's uncle Anthony Gibbons had also moved in.

Gibbons and the victim didn't get on well.

Two nights later on January 12 the pair had an argument over the lighting of a fire which escalated when Gibbons allegedly grabbed the victim in a headlock and punched him 10-15 times.

The victim managed to slip out of the headlock and fought back, punching Mr Gibbons in the face in self-defence.

It was at that moment that Webb walked in on the scene.

The victim felt a "massive impact" to his body as Webb struck him over the shoulder and in the waist with a wooden tomato stake, screaming "I'll kill you".

He then forced the victim's head down on to a table and said: "Put your head down on the table, I will cut your fucking head off."

"I'm going to behead you," he said.

But he never carried through on his threat after the victim managed to slip from his grasp.

Webb finally pleaded guilty in Lismore Local Court today to one count of assault occasioning actual bodily harm and one count of stalking/intimidation.

Magistrate David Heilpern said the offence was aggravated because the assault took place in the man's home, he was an elderly man with ill health, and his injuries were "very serious".

Webb had a "deplorable" criminal record including domestic violence offences.

Magistrate Heilpern sentenced him to 18 months' jail with a nine month non-parole period thanks to his "good work" in getting his life back together in the two years since the assault.

He will be released on parole on October 8, 2018.

"Hopefully we won't seem him back in court again," Magistrate Heilpern remarked.

Police have a warrant for Mr Gibbons arrest and he is believed to be in Queensland.

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