FIRE ALERT: A vegetation fire is burning out of control at Rosenthal Heights.
FIRE ALERT: A vegetation fire is burning out of control at Rosenthal Heights. Bianca Hrovat

FIRE BLAZES ON: Rosenthal Heights fire still burning

UPDATE 3.30PM: THE fire at Rosenthal Heights continues to burn within containment lines. 

Fire crews are monitoring the blaze as it affects Rosenthal Rd, Kingsleigh Rd and the New England Highway on the eastern side of Rosenthal Creek.

Transport and Main Roads crews are monitoring for traffic hazards along the highway and drivers are cautioned to drive with caution and to the conditions.

No properties are under threat at this time. 


UPDATE 5PM: CREWS continue working to extinguish spot fires in grassland around Rosenthal Heights. 

The New England Highway is now open in both directions, as are the roads in the neighbouring areas. 

According to a spokeswoman from the Queensland Police Service, the fire appears to be winding down. 

UPDATE 3.50PM WARNING levels have been downgraded for the fire at Rosenthal Heights after emergency crews have contained the blaze.

12 fire crews remain on scene to strengthen containment lines.

UPDATE 3.30PM THE Queensland Fire and Emergency Services have updated their bushfire warning level to 'advice', cautioning residents to keep up to date and decide what actions they will take if the situation changes. 

Residents with a bushfire surival plan are advised to refer to it now and be ready to follow it.

Those without a plan are encouraged to identify where you will evacuate to if the situation escalates.

The bushfire is currently affecting Rosenthal Rd, Kingsleigh Rd and the New England Highway on the eastern side of Rosenthal Creek. 

According to the QFES, crews are currently working to strengthen containment lines and there is no current threat to property. 

Residents in surrounding areas can expect smoke haze throughout the afternoon and those with respiratory conditions are advised to keep medications close by.

QFES encourages residents to close their windows and doors at this time, where at all possible. 

If you are concerned your property may be under threat, please call 000 immediately. 


THE New England Highway has been closed off in both directions close to the fire. 

The blaze is currently being contained with the effort of firefighters, who remain at the scene. 

It also appears the house engulfed by smoke has been saved from the blaze. 


THREE fire choppers are on their way to the fire, as it continues to race up the New England Highway.

There is currently one house completely engulfed by smoke as two fire crews work to protect the home.

A break line has also been put in near the railway line, meaning the blaze is unlikely to cross. 

The fire continues to travel in an easterly direction along the highway with high flames. 

The fire seems to be contained to the grass side of the road. 


A VEGETATION fire is burning at Rosenthal Heights in Warwick, with local residents describing it as a "real bad one."

Four fire crews are battling to contain the fire as it burns in an easterly direction towards Morgan Park.

Warwick resident and former firefighter Max Rathnell said he observed the fire jump Rosenthal Rd, the New England Highway and a nearby creek.

"If it gets across that railway line we'll have a real problem at Morgan Park," Mr Rathnell said.

"There's quite a few houses in danger.

"It's really bad."

Emergency services were called to the scene just after 1pm this afternoon.

Mr Rathnell reported the flames appeared to be over six or seven metres high and have spread to the treetops.

A car with a blown out tyre was spotted by the side of the road and Mr Rathnell said this could have been the source of the fire.

"You can see skid marks in the bitumen and that's put sparks into the table drain, and that's where the fires take off from.

"When I came back past the vehicle the front wheel was on fire and there's some real heavy smoke up at my place now, so I'd be amazed if the car wasn't on fire by now."

No roads have been closed at this stage.

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