Try again, Ja Rule.
Try again, Ja Rule.

Ja Rule has officially lost the plot

Go home Ja Rule. You're drunk.

Just when you thought the rapper couldn't make any more NBA-related stuff-ups, the music icon showed we shouldn't have underestimated him.

Ja Rule has endured a rough relationship with the NBA this week, which started when he delivered an underwhelming halftime show during Milwaukee's clash against Minnesota on Monday (AEDT).

The Bucks were celebrating "90s night" at their home stadium, Fiserv Forum, and right from the start you could tell it was heading for a trainwreck.

"They said this was 90s night, so they brought out a 2000s artist," Ja Rule said. "But my album came out in '99 so I guess that counts."

Sound and technical issues ruined his performance and players kept warming up on the court while Ja Rule waited for the problems to be resolves. When things did get kicking, the fans were largely silent and the show was a big, fat fail that was roasted on social media.

Afterwards he put a curse on the Timberwolves and suggested former No. 1 draft pick and NBA All-Star centre Karl-Anthony Towns will walk out on the team as a result.

Then he got a little confused. The Timberwolves played the Sacramento Kings on Tuesday (AEDT) and Minnesota scored a 112-105 win - a result that would have put a frown on the rapper's face given he'd put a curse on them. Right?

Wrong. The 42-year-old mistakenly ragged on Sacramento after the game and clearly got confused about who Towns was and who he even played for.

In a since deleted tweet he wrote: "@SacramentoKings Y'all will NEVER WIN A CHAMPIONSHIP … and @KarlTowns is gonna leave you in free agency … the curse is strong."

Oh, and there were eight emojis to go with it.

Of course, any mention of Towns quitting any team was way off the mark because in the off-season he signed a five-year, $US190 million contract extension with Minnesota.

But clearly that meant nothing to Ja Rule, who doubled down on his new least favourite team, appearing to forget the T-Wolves were the ones he was supposed to be hating on.

Kings star De'Aaron Fox pointed out the rapper's glaring error on Wednesday, as did the Kings on their own Twitter account.


The rapper, who famously claimed he was "hoodwinked" into getting involved with the debacle that was Fyre Festival, then made light of the disaster to throw even more shade Sacramento's way.

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