Emotional details from girl lured off Facebook for teen sex

A MAN'S mother wept as her son was jailed for procuring a 14-year-old girl over the internet for sexual encounters in a park.

The District Court in Gladstone heard how the 19-year-old man used Facebook to talk sex and entice that girl, and another girl aged 15, to send provocative photos of themselves, some naked.


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He enticed the 14-year-old to sneak away from her family home late at night to meet him for sex in a nearby park.

In her Victims Impact Statement before Judge David Searles the young girl revealed her vulnerability and how she was left confused and feeling used after their brief sexual encounters.

She wrote: "He took my virginity and it just felt like he doesn't care about me anymore. (That) he'd just go and get a girl like off a list of girls, just ticking me off. I felt really disgusted about it."

The now 21-year old man pleaded guilty to 20 offences including grooming a child under 16; 10 counts of indecent treatment of a child under 16; unlawful carnal knowledge of a child; and five counts of using electronic communications (Facebook) to procure a child under 16.

Crown prosecutor Shauna Rankin said he was aged 19 and 20 at the time of the Gladstone offences in late 2014 in which he had manipulated the children emotionally.

No threats were made.

She said the offences were aggravated because he had a prior offence for unlawful carnal knowledge of a child when he was aged 17, and the victim 14.

Ms Rankin said he first contacted the girl, 15, in October 2014 on Facebook and soon began asking her for sex.

The girl always refused to have any sexually activity but he did procure her to send photos of herself.

By March last year she had blocked him on both Facebook and her phone.

Ms Rankin said he began contacting the girl 14 on Facebook in December 2014 talking about sexual acts he wanted to do with her, and "make you feel appreciated, loved".

He asked if they did have sex to keep it secret.

After enticing her to send sexy photos of herself his language to her also became more sexually explicit getting her to send "sexy, naughty selfies".

Ms Rankin said the young man knew her age was 14 and they spoke daily on Facebook, even telling the girl he loved her.

He then encouraged her to sneak out at night when her parents were asleep to a nearby park for sex.

"He removed her clothes. They hugged and kissed. He told her (afterward) not to say anything as she was too young and not legal," Ms Rankin said.

In agreed facts the Crown said the pair had sex at other times in the park and a relative's house.

After discovering he was also chatting to another young girl their sexual encounters ended, the girl telling him "you broke my heart".

Defence barrister Tom Polley argued that the man had been looking for romance at a time he was experiencing great family stress; relatives were dying from an aggressive form of cancer.

Mr Polley tendered a psychological report in which the doctor said the man "shows genuine shame, guilt and remorse". The doctor also found that his medical issues at the time could have had an influence on his decisions.

"He is still criminally deemed to be responsible and with his history he should know better," Mr Polley said.

"At the time he was having medical testing, very stressful."

Judge Searles said the man's activities came 21 months after his prior offences and his conduct was "predatory by nature".

"It was persistent. You knew the girls' ages," he said.

"You enticed one to leave her home at night and engage in sexual activity. It is clear both girls were immature.

"Both have been affected by your conduct.

"You have personal issues with dreadful medical news which also affects you."

Judge Searles sentenced him to two years jail, the sentence suspended for four years after he serves two months in jail.

The man will continue to receive counselling and therapy.

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