ELECTION 2016: North Burnett mayoral candidate claims win

MARCH 30, NOON: North Burnett Regional Council candidate Rachel Chambers has claimed victory in the mayoral race.

Mrs Chambers announced on social media she had won earlier today following a preference count.

"At the moment if feels a little surreal but also I feel really good to start work and get things going," she said.

She said people could look forward to a solid relationship with the council and the community.

The Electoral Commission of Queensland is yet to confirm the result.

Division 6 has been claimed by Robbie Radel with 50.16% of the vote.


MONDAY, 2.30PM: Candidate Robbie Radel no longer has majority in the Division 6 race.

Mr Radel has 49.71% of the vote with 69.41% of the roll counted.

Little has changed in the other divisions, and the mayoral contest will come down to preferences.

Rachel Chambers still has the edge with 34.93% of the vote after 4899 formal votes counted.


Here are the current leaders with all booths counted:

Division 1: Paul Lobgeier (54.76%), 725 formal votes counted.

Division 2: Peter Webster (57.89%), 622 formal votes counted.

Division 4: John Zahl (76.01%), 721 formal votes counted.

Division 5: John Bowen (60.75%), 879 formal votes counted.

Division 6: Robbie Radel (51.9%), 511 formal votes counted.

Mayor: Rachel Chambers (34.63%), 4404 formal votes counted.

SATURDAY, 8.15PM: Although there are still not enough votes yet for a result, mayoral candidate Rachel Chambers says she is "overwhelmed" with her support.

"I am feeling a little bit more nervous than this afternoon, but I'm feeling fine," she said.

"There are not enough votes yet for a result. I am overwhelmed with the support I have been given.

"If I am elected, it's a clear indication people are ready for change."

Incumbent Don Waugh said he hadn't conceded defeat yet.

"It's the will of the people and that's how it's always been," he said.

"What council has done over four years is exceptional.

"I have no regrets over my time in council.

"If the community decide somebody else that's their decision and something I'll accept.

"It's a very honourable job and anyone would be proud to be elected. I certainly am."

SATURDAY, 7.30PM: Rachel Chambers has topped the vote with six of six booths counted.

Mrs Chambers has 34.63% of the vote and is closely followed by current incumbent mayor Don Waugh on 32.74% after 4404.

SATURDAY, 7PM: Gayndah woman Rachel Chambers now leads the mayoral race after 2224 formal votes.

Three of six booths are now in, and Mrs Chambers has 31.83% of the vote.

She is followed by Don Waugh, Brett Allen and Peter Strohfeldt.

No results for the divisions are currently available.

SATURDAY, 6.45PM: Monto businessman Brett Allen is out in front in race to become the next North Burnett mayor.

Mr Allen has 33.53% of the vote with 1509 formal votes counted.

He is followed by Rachel Chambers, Don Waugh and Peter Strohfeldt.

SATURDAY, 6PM: THE polls are closed and counting has started for the 2016 North Burnett Regional Council election.

Follow the live graphs below for results as they are released by the Electoral Commission Queensland.

FULL RESULTS: http://results.ecq.qld.gov.au/elections/local/LG2016/groupIndex.html

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