Londoners freaked out by ‘croc’ in Thames

A STUNNED London dog walker was convinced he spotted a crocodile in the River Thames.

The reptilian object was snapped near Chelsea Harbour, with a video showing it floating near a boat's propeller - but the harbour master has since doused water on claims it was a real croc.

Dog walker Chris Davies told The Sun Online: "Two guys were looking at it as I walked towards them with my dog.

"One of them works for Chelsea Harbour Estate and said the police had been called."

He said he was amused by the sighting, saying: "It's not a big one so I was amused more than anything else. He's floating around the 'Esperance'."

But the reality of the snap has since surfaced.

Harbour master Colin Bullock said: "A pond ornament has been disposed of, as simple as that.

"It's not real."

He said that the foot-long ornament, which was just a head, was just floating around the harbour and he had fished it out with the net.

Speaking to the Sun Online, he said: "It was just floating there."

A RSPCA spokesperson said: "We haven't received any calls to our emergency hotline about a crocodile in the River Thames, however we have seen a video circulating on social media.

"It would be very unusual for a crocodile to be living in the River Thames and it's difficult to tell from the video if it's real or not.

"We would encourage anyone who spots the crocodile to contact the police in the first instance. We are happy to provide animal welfare advice, if necessary, if the animal does turn out to be real."

Met Police said they had not been called.

Crocodiles prefer to maintain their body temperature between 30C and 33C, with the average temperature of the River Thames sitting at 12C.

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