MAFS’ Mikey: Which bride I wish I was partnered with

Mikey Pembroke says he wishes he was partnered with KC Osborne on Married At First Sight while calling out Michael Goonan and Stacey Hampton for creating the most drama on the reality series.

Launching his IGTV site, the baby-faced reality contestant has dished the dirt on the latest season of the controversial Channel 9 show while also stripping naked in a satirical shoot making fun of the situation.

"This comes down to one couple that seemed to s***stir everyone else and that is Stacey and Michael," Pembroke said. "I think honestly they have hired Michael to stir the pot in everyone's relationships. Now I look back on it and have a good laugh. They were the catalyst in nearly every single issue. And of course, my lovely friend Hayley (Vernon), she is another one that doesn't mind the drama."

Mikey Pembroke Instagram post.
Mikey Pembroke Instagram post.

Pembroke was matched with Natasha Spencer on the show with the pair marrying in a fake wedding to see if they could build chemistry and a real relationship.

They didn't work out but remain friends with Pembroke saying he wished he was matched with Osborne, who is now in a relationship with Goonan.

"Knowing what I know now, having that hindsight, what bride would I pick now? Probably KC Osborne," he said. "Obviously I find her attractive but more importantly she is a good dancer, she has got a good sense of humour and she was just someone I got on with."

Meanwhile, after wearing his heart on his sleeve on MAFS, Pembroke has laid bare yet again with a provocative naked photo shoot.

Mikey Pembroke ‘Dix Secondes’.
Mikey Pembroke ‘Dix Secondes’.

The 29-year-old reality star has taken the mickey out of himself in a series of satirical men's fragrance campaigns with a Zoolander-nude twist and funny captions. Confidential was given a sneak peak of the images, one of which sees Pembroke joke about a scene on the controversial reality show where he said he lasted 10 seconds in bed with his on screen wife, Natasha Spencer. The campaign image reads in French, dix seconde. In another slogan, Pembroke asks, "Is it over yet?" while he also promotes 'Le Sizzle'.

"I don't take myself too seriously, nor did I take MAFS too seriously either," Pembroke told Confidential. "I work in aged care for my day job and everyone is doing it tough right now. This is a bit of fun and a laugh and that is something I feel everyone needs at the moment."

Pembroke worked in integration at Nova radio while completing a bachelor degree in communications at Charles Sturt University. He now works as operations manager for his family nursing home business, Homewood Care.

Mikey on Married At First Sight.
Mikey on Married At First Sight.

Pembroke was one of the nice guys on this last season of MAFS, which was marred by much controversy.

Elsewhere on his IGTV video, Pembroke claimed that contrary to what other contestants said, producers don't force anyone to do or say anything they do not want to with scripted content.

"They don't force words down your mouth, you say how you think," he said. "Yes, some of the situations aren't organic and they bring the worst out in you but no, definitely not scripted."

Of Spencer, Pembroke said there was never any chemistry between the pair.

"Obviously when you walk down the aisle with someone you have never met before, you do try to build that chemistry and it is something that I really struggled with Natasha," he said. "She is a great girl but no there was no real ever romantic feelings there."

He added: "Of course she is a beautiful girl, you'd have to be blind to not think she is beautiful. She wasn't my type necessarily … but I could definitely see she was beautiful and I actually do think I was pretty lucky to get her."

Mikey Pembroke Instagram.
Mikey Pembroke Instagram.

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